Live While Wer're Young!

An girl named Monica is 18 and is a huge fan of one direction and hopes to meet them someday, hopefully that day is coming soon. But for rite now Monica will be attending a collage in London with her best friend Adaleide! Both of the girls are very excoited and wonder what London has instre for them!Read to find out how their first year in collage goes and what surprises are instore for these girls!
(P.S; My selling is not that great so sorry for any spelling mistakes!)
HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!


15. We are in trouble!!!!

After dropping Monica off at her collage for her exams, I got a call from Niall. 
Niall: Hey mate
Harry: hey
Niall: so I was wondering if you wanted to surprise Adaleide and Monica after their exams today
Harry: sure Nialler, but how are we going to do that?!
Niall; ummm... We can show up at their collage, and when they step out, they will see us standing there and they will be all like, ' Omg you guys are the best' !
Harry; ok.. That sounds good I guess. 
Niall; great! I already spoke to the rest of the guys, we are all meeting up at my place in half an hour!
Harry; ok I'll be there!
Niall; bye mate
Harry; bye. 
I went to grab a quick shower, then got ready to go. By the time I left, I ha about 10 min to get to Niall's flat. 
Once I got there, everyone was already there. We left his flat, and got there in about 15 min. As soon as we walked in, we tried to make sure that no one saw us. Just as we were about to surprise them, Louis decides that he is going to have fun! He decided it would be fun to turn the Hallway  into a water slide. He took a bucket of soapy water from that cleaning thingy, and flooded the hall. Then he slid through it. Let's just say that a little while after we got into trouble and the principal was now with us in the hallway. I just realized we were right Infront of Monica's class. I looked though the window and saw that her and Adaleide were looking at us with faces that said, oh -no-what-did-they-do-now look. It actually looked really cute on her! We went up to the principals office, and he started asking questions like; what are you boys doing here, and who we were waiting for. We explained everything to him. Heater a little bit, his voice sounded over the P.A system, "can Monica Styles , and Adaleide Horan please come down to the principals office. "I just smiled at that, Monica Styles sounds so good! Hopefully one day she will be Monica Styles. 
MONICA'S P.O.V As soon as we stepped into the principals office, we both said "hey mr.Stevens" in unison and smiled thinking that it would fix anything that they did. "mrs. Styles and mrs. Horan, please take a seat. We looked at each other and started to blush madly! I think Harry noticed cuz the he winked at me which only made me blush even more!  "So why we're we called up here?" asked Adaleide. "Well it seems these 5 boys, we're making a lot of mess in the hallway while waiting for you too finish your exams!" said Mr.Stevens. Just then, my phone starts to vibrate... I looked at the screen and i had received a text from Harry. 
Harry: hey beautiful, u look s cute when u blush :p
I blushed while reading that. Why does he have to be soo damn cute?! GOSH!!! 
Monica: hey;) so what did u guys do?!
Harry: well , I you weren't too busy   blushing just a sec ago, u would have heard Liam explaining everything.
Monica: well it's not my fault that I am blushing! You're the one that's making me!!!!
I hit send and looked up at him. He smiled. And looked at me. When our eyes connected I couldn't look away.. Not for a second. It's like they were glued to his. He started to chuckle and that's when I noticed that I was blushing again. Still not letting our eyes leave each others eyes I started to chuckle at my self. What's with me and all this blushing today?!  Suddenly I herd someone clear there thought.  GRET WAY TOO RUIN THE MOMENT!! I thought as we finally unlocked our eyes from each others, and looked at everyone just to find them all staring back at us!"what?" I asked grinning. "Finally you guys stop flirting!!!!" screamed Louis. I looked around and noticed that Mr.Stevens was not there. "hey, where is Mr.Stevens?!" I asked. "well while you too were flirting Mr.Stevens left and said that we can go. " answered Liam.  Oh ok.. Well I am excited for camping tomorrow!!!! "I said while getting up and walking over too Harry. "IKR!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!" screamed Adaleide. We all got into he cars and left. 'This is going too be fun!' I thought. 
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