Live While Wer're Young!

An girl named Monica is 18 and is a huge fan of one direction and hopes to meet them someday, hopefully that day is coming soon. But for rite now Monica will be attending a collage in London with her best friend Adaleide! Both of the girls are very excoited and wonder what London has instre for them!Read to find out how their first year in collage goes and what surprises are instore for these girls!
(P.S; My selling is not that great so sorry for any spelling mistakes!)
HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!


4. Nando's


So after Starbucks, we decided to go back to my flat so i could change out of these sticky clothes.(Thanks to Harry!) As soon as i was done, we went to Nando's. That is also where Adaleide and Niall were meeting us. I wondered what they were doing..... As soon as we got to Nando's we saw Adaleide and Niall already seated. We decided to go and sit with them. When we sat down I sat next to Harry! I gave Adaleide a look that said, 'OMG I AM FREAKING OUT HE IS TOOOOO CUTEEEEE!!!!!' She pulled me away from the 'crew', and she had a huge grin on her face, and said,"I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!" I looked at her confused, then remembered what she told me when she was fixing her hair before we went to Starbicks. Then i triend to fight hack. We saterted to argue about it. I think we started getting a bit loud because we hered Harry start laughing, and Niall cleared his throught and said,"Hey are you guys ok?" I could tell that he was keeping in a laugh just by the look on his face! "Yea, Yea were fine" we both said at the same time. I asked Harry why he was laughing at us, and he said because we were arguing over them! We went and sat back down. I saw Adaleide mouth,"This is'nt over!" I just looked her in the eyes and gave her 'The Look'.

We all ordered our food and we were all in little side conversations.Adaleide and Niall looked like they were having fun, Liam, Louis, and Zayn were having a convo, and as for Harry and I, we just sat there. "Hey what is your number. I was thinking that i should have it. Ya know just incase you wanted to hang ot or something." Harry said. I said,"Shure" and ave him the digits! Just then i recived a message,

Text from Harry; Hey!

Text to Harry; Hey, ummmm why are you texting e i'm right next to you you know!

Text from Harry; Ya i know, just didnt want anyone to hear us, plus i have always wanted to try it!

Text to Harry; LOL, ya i know what you're saying! Ok lets try it!

Text from Harry; So, when do you think the food is coming, i am starving!

Tezt to Harry; Lol,idk, but if you're starving, then i think Niall must be dying!

I started laughing as we were texting eachother.Then i got a text from Adaleide.

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