Live While Wer're Young!

An girl named Monica is 18 and is a huge fan of one direction and hopes to meet them someday, hopefully that day is coming soon. But for rite now Monica will be attending a collage in London with her best friend Adaleide! Both of the girls are very excoited and wonder what London has instre for them!Read to find out how their first year in collage goes and what surprises are instore for these girls!
(P.S; My selling is not that great so sorry for any spelling mistakes!)
HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!


10. Movie!


MONICA'S P.O.V On the way to KFC, Adaleide and I were sitting in the   back seat. Harry was driving and Niall was in the passenger seat. They were making so much noise. They were singing to the radio and laughing. Adaleide and I were melting. Their voices were beautiful. Harry looked back at me in the review mirror, and I started to blush really bad! Adaleide was on her phone on twitter I think. But then Harry started laughing and said," Hey, you know us and the guys are going camping in the next 2 days for a week. Do you girls want to come to?!" My heart was pounding. Thinking about spending the next week with Harry. "Yea sure I'll go , I don't know about Adaleide though. "Adaleide looked up from her phone and said,"Yea ,I guess I'll go too." "Ok it's settled then, we will pick you guys up in two days to go camping. This is going to be so much fun!" said Harry. When we got to KFC, Niall went to order. "I don't trust that Niall, he will probably order the whole menu. "Can I get 25 prices of chicken, and 7 large fries, and 7 drinks please. " said Niall. He turned to us and said," Ok you guys can order now!" we all looked at him, and our jaws dropped to the floor in disbelief ! "It's ok guys I was just kidding!" he said laughing. We got it take out, just in and recognizes them. When we got back to Harry's house, we all sat in the living room. We started eating,when we could eat Niall ate for us. We decided to watch a movie. "I AM PICKING!!!" Adaleide, and I said in unison. We said "'Breaking Dawn Part I' " And started laughing. Harry put the movie on and sat on the couch next to me. I m Put my head on his shoulder and his arm was around me. For the first half of the movie, Adaleide and I were obsessing over how much we are in love with Taylor Lautner. Harry and Niall were giving us crazy looks all movie. Harry then pulled me up onto his lap, and we cuddled us with each other. I looked at him, and even though is was really dark I could still see his beautiful green eyes. He was so adorable. He leaned to my ear, and he whispered, " What we you doing!" I blushed, then said," nothing". I was sitting on his lap, and my arms were around his neck. I was also leaning on his shoulder, almost lying down. He leaned in and kissed my cheek. I started blushing as he keeps whispering in my ear, I could feel his breath on my neck, and that sent chills down my back. Then he kissed my neck, I count help it. It made me want him soooo bad!!! Soon the movie was over, every one went home except me. Louis left as well, he was going to El's house. Harry and I were alone in a house, nothing could disturb us now. Maybe I could finally get that kiss I have been waiting for.
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