Live While Wer're Young!

An girl named Monica is 18 and is a huge fan of one direction and hopes to meet them someday, hopefully that day is coming soon. But for rite now Monica will be attending a collage in London with her best friend Adaleide! Both of the girls are very excoited and wonder what London has instre for them!Read to find out how their first year in collage goes and what surprises are instore for these girls!
(P.S; My selling is not that great so sorry for any spelling mistakes!)
HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!


9. KFC!


HARRY'S P.O.V. So, we arrived at the beach, and as we were walking to the guys I was thinking of when I should ask her out. She is so much fun and outgoing. I think I found the one for me. When we got to the guys Monica and Adaleide sat in the sand on the beach while the rest of us went into the water. Niall was standing in the water, not doing anything at all. Then Zayn decides that he was going to jump on Niall's back, then Liam yelled " DOG PILE!!!" I laughed as I watched Liam jump on Zayn, and Louis jump on Liam. I was the last I jumped on Louis, and that's when we all fell. We started laughing. Then we got out the nerf guns and had a water fight. Then I thought that I would get Monica, and drag her in here since she did not get in yet. I threw my nurf gun on the sand, and went to her. I picked her up bridal style, and began walking back toward the water. She asked me where I was taking her, and then without replying, I dropped her in the water. I did not see her come up, just then I felt something wrap around my ankle and pull me down. I was so scared. I didn't know what was happening! But, when we both came up to the surface, I thought ok so, she wants to play that game huh?! We were staring into each other's eyes I just could help myself. I grabbed her waist, and then she put her arms around my neck. As I was pulling her closer and closer, until there was no space between us, we keep staring in to each other's eyes. We were so owe to kissing, but then Liam comes and sprays us with his nurf gun!!!! I swear I was going to kill this kid. I tapped Monica on her shoulder and said,"TAGG YOU'RE IT!!!!" We all ran from her. Then all I hear is Niall shouting," OMG I AM SO FRICKING HUNGRY!!" We all started laughing. "Hey let's go too KFC"said Niall. " yea I am craving fried chicken." said Zayn. "Ok it's settled, let go!" said Liam. Monica was talking with Adaleide again. I was walking with Niall and Liam. We went to the cars which were parked side by side. Monica and I went together. Niall and Adaleide also came with us. Liam, Louis and Zayn went together in the other car. We saturated driving to KFC.
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