Live While Wer're Young!

An girl named Monica is 18 and is a huge fan of one direction and hopes to meet them someday, hopefully that day is coming soon. But for rite now Monica will be attending a collage in London with her best friend Adaleide! Both of the girls are very excoited and wonder what London has instre for them!Read to find out how their first year in collage goes and what surprises are instore for these girls!
(P.S; My selling is not that great so sorry for any spelling mistakes!)
HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!


3. I Would Be So Happy For Them!


I cant beleive that i just threw coffe all over this poor girl i felt so bad and guilty. And then she just started to yell at me. But i have to say, she was quite adorable! i dont think she new who i was until she looked up at me and then started being all nice and stuff to me! so i told the guys everything that happend and i could not help blushing the whole thime!

Then Liam started to say,"Harry you have to go and apologize properly!" "I tried, but she just kept yelling at me untill she realised who i was then just left." I said to Liam. "Do you fancy her Harry?!" Asked Zayn. They all started to laught while i just sat there with a very wide smile and blushed. "Mabey!" I said back! "Well let`s go say hello anyways, her friend looks really cute!" Said Niall. We all got up and headed towards them. i smiled the whole way, i did think she was cute.

When we got there, we said hello chated a bit. She was taliking when i realized none of us asked her her name as yet. So i dicided to ask her, her friends name and her own name. "Hey, you know you never told us your name, so what is it?!" I asked her. "Oh, well my name is Monica, and this is my best friend Adaleide. We moved here from Canada for collage, we got into the same one and we are at the end of the year. We have already unpacked all our stuf, well i have not finished in my room yet." She was just telling me about her and her friend. Thats when i remembered that all of us were going to go to Nando`s after, so i thought mabey i should invite them. I really liked this girl, and i think Niall liked her! They could not keep their eyes off of each others. "So, Monica, would you and Adaleide like to go to Nando`s with us as an apology dinner?"I asked her. "Shure" She said with a grin on her face."But first i will have to go up to my flat so that i can change out of these clothes firs. She said. Right then i was blushing a bit, and then i think Louis saw,cuz he said,"Do you fancy her harry?" I did not respon. i glanced over at Monica and she was blushing!

When all that was settled i looked over to Niall but noticed that he was not there, and either was Adaleide! I turned to Liam and said,"Where did Niall and Adaleide go?" "They said that they are going for a walk in the park, and that they will meet us up later for Nando`s!" He replied. I thought that Niall and Adaleide would make a really cute couple. I think there is a verry high chance of them going out, and i would be so happy for him if they did!

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