Forbidden Love

"someone can say there in love with you truly, but at the same don't mean a thing"


2. when everything made sense


*Flash back*


It all started an hour before Rose's sweet 16 birthday party.
her best friend since diapers, Harry,  told Rose to meet him at their special lake, the place they've always met each other.
she waited for him patiently and sat down against the tree when she finally saw a familiar face appear closer and closer when she realized it was Harry running towards her.
she got up smiling at the sight of him and when he finally arrived she realized he looked a bit nervous.
"what's wrong harry?" she asked
he opened his mouth to say something but he found himself lost for words as he kept starring at her beautiful blue eyes.
"c'mon Harry, what's up?" she asked again
"i-i-i.. i came to tell you something, something i've been wanting to tell you for years." Harry said stuttering 
"well?" she said starting to get worried
"i-i just don't know how to say this" 
"Harry you know you can tell me anything" Rose said a bit angry
He looked at her wondering if he should tell her or not 

"i like you Rosie, i like you a lot." he finally spoke up
she starred at him shocked by his words, she stood there quietly still letting his words sink in.
she stood there for a while, when harry took it as a sign of her not liking him back.
"i knew i shouldn't have told you.. i'm such an idi-"  harry was cut off by Rose when she grabbed his face in her palms and kissed him.

it was exactly how he imagined it to be, magical.
Harry was shocked by this action but smiled kissing back.

"i like you to Harry" Rose said pulling away 
He smiled at her grabbing her waist and kissing her one more time.





sorry i haven't posted in a while, but from now on i'll be posting every weekend :)
let me know what you guys think! and this was a short chapter, hopefully the next one will be better. xo







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