You guys come on site's the first day your here. You want to know my life history.


1. Guys

You guys come on site's

The first day your here

You want to know my life history

Instead of waiting until you know me


That is a big turn off

A girl does not want to give

Personal information to someone

She just met


Your asking where she lives

If she is married or have a boyfriend

What kind of job does he have

What kind of sex you have


Stuff that is none of your business

That you shouldn't ask

Your not impressing anyone

A girl does not like this


If you want to find a girl

Who will love you

Not use you

That will stay with you


Then stop asking Personal


Get to know her

Let her know you


Stand by her

Let her know you care

Be there for her

Let her know she can trust you


Trust is very important

Don't listen to others

Don't put others down

And talk


Don't assume anything

Ask her let her tell you

Not one of her friends

Or something you hear

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