A Smile Painted

While I scream my fear people pass by. I hide my tears while I paint on a smile.


1. A Smile Painted

While I scream my fear

People pass by

I hide my tears

While I paint on a smile


I care very much about what used to be

So it's not about what used to be

So everyone can see

My smile is there because I want it to be


I think and feel this way

Because it is the way I feel

I don't care what people will say

It will never begin to fade


I will never pretend they are dead

Or act as if they ever was

I don't care about what kind of things are said

They can whisper all they want


My smile is not just for today

I do not worry about the past

My smile will not fade away

I'm going with you every where


My tears are from the seed that was sewn

Everyone can know

I do not need to be alone

I do have any weaknesses I have you

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