My Pathetic ABC life

Regan seems to be the person who doesnt fit in. When she wishes evryday would be in order,make sense, she makes a mistake. Everyday is about the letter of the alphabet! When Z hits, her life is over. Now what will she do?


1. Alphabet Soup

Yep. It even starts on the first chapter. Im Reagan, as you can see, my life is clearly very short. Ugh, I wish i belived in wishing wells and never made that wish. :( Better enjoy it while I can, plus the only reason im making a book on my life is so ill be rich while im dead! Then, Ill RISE from the dead and be DEAD RICH! ( pretends to play drums. Bada Bink! Wait! Or is it Doink? ) I walk into the school, hoping my grammar teacher will forget the grammar assignment. See, Im like the kind of girl who hates homework, and will try their hardest to fail. Well, cut that last part. I DONT want to fail, cause' my  bestie Brooke and Ramsey will be in a higher grade, and they will stop talking to me cause' they'll think im stupid.( well, probably, but im not taking chances. ) I walked to my locker. UGH! I have a locker next to Jonica James. She owns half of the state! Or rather her dad.  People say it's such an honnor to have a locker next to Jonica, EH HEM! REALITY CHECK!

There she is, glancing at me with her little fans Brea and Karis. UGH! They are like the school's fashion team. They have 5 pages in the school's newspaper FULL of Jonica. I dont like her. I look away and open my locker. I grab my grammar notebook and my Grammar book. " Eh hem? Talk much?" I turn around. Just the person i wanted to talk to, Jonica. "Um, hi?" I said. Jonica rolled her eyes and folded her arms. "Do you know me?" She said. "Ha. How can we miss you with that puff ball of hair? Fashion Sense?" She started to get mad."Um, heard of puff buns? Hip thing-" I curt her off. " Yeah, for you! All of your fashion sense is for YOU ONLY! Your writing about what makes YOU beautiful...errrr....I mean... makes you ...... JONICA! Yeah, yeah." I laughed and walked to school. "Wait up!" I turned around. There was Ramsey. "Hey Ramsey." I said. Sometimes, just for fun, i'd call her ranch. " Let me guess, Jonica?" She said. I took a deep breath.


"Yep. It was her." Then, at that very moment, i got a text message."Hold on Ranch. I got a text."


New text! From: Brandon Vice

" OMG! I HAVE A TEXT FROM...FROM...FROM.....BRANDON VICE! eeeeeeee!"  I read the text. OMG! This is how our conversation went. ;p

Brandon: Hey Reagan! Whatz up?

Me: Hey and nothing, just didnt do homework :p

Brandon: Yea. Me neither. =p

Me: Cool! err... i mean totally wrong!?!?! -.-

Brandon: Yea, and you look creepy with your eyeballs popping out of your head >,<

Me: Wha..What?

I turn around and see Brandon. He's smiling, I smile back. We walk to grammar together. Oh yeah, I cant wait for LUNCH!


Well, no tv tongiht for that grade! -,-

I walk into the lunch line. The lunch lady looks different than normal. Guess you grew another wort for that momma one... getting lonely....hehehehe. She puts a big scoop of soup on my plate. "Enjoy." She says. I walk to the table where Ramsey and Brooke are. Jonica comes over there, and pours ALL OF HER SOUP ON MY CLOTHES AND MY HAIR! "Who do you think you are? This doesnt make you look any better!" I screem. She grins."Well, honey. That look is BEAUTIFUL! Its soo cute! " She laughs. Ugh! Whats next for tomorrow? Bee stinging? UGH!

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