Jessica Skeeter was a normal 18 year old teenager. Besides the fact that her dad was an alcoholic and has been making her do drugs, alchohol and do illegal things for him. She has been beaten by him too and her body has been hurting her bigtime. She decides to run away from her dad and meets a sweet 19 year old teenager boy named Baxter, he took her under his wing and once he got to know her more, he beat her up and neclected her feelings and has tried to rape her a few times but failed. She then decides to run away from Baxter and meets 5 teen boys who all love her to death. She on the other hand never wanted to fall in love with anyone else because of Baxter. The boys all want to help her but one of them starts to lose their control. Will Baxter come for revenge? What will happen?

Stop asking yourself and find them out!


2. What's My Plan?

" Well im sure you have puked before. You don't use the knife so why should I?" I said with a questioning look. Its true, everyone pukes. He does and yet he gets away with it and when I puke, I can't? " Yes but I told you not to!" He yelled at me. "You don't F-ing care about me. You give me drugs and alcohol. That's against the law! And plus, HOW EXACTLY CAN YOU KEEP PUKE INSIDE YOU!!!" I yelled back. He even seemed puzzled by that question, which means I outsmarted means. And usually when he does he says, " Enough Jess, I'll give you another turn with the knife if you continue you attitude." He smiled like an evil clown. No way am I getting another turn with the knife. I always end up in so much pain because of it once, I don't need it twice. " It's ok... Im good with one..." I answered back nevously. He stood there watching me like I would do something smart.

I sat on the counter and put my arm laying on my legs. I started peeling a piece of skin off with the knife. It was about 4 by 2 centimeters long. I know it sounds really painful and gross but this is what the knife serves the purpose. It lasts about a few months for it to finally grow skin. But during those months it becomes painful. Why? It bleeds, stings, burns,dirt get inside it. Euhhh, you know. I finished cutting myself and gave him the knife. He washed it and put it back in his pocket and walked upstairs to probably catch up on his 'lack' of sleeping because of me. Well excuse me but I sleep about 20 minutes at the most every night. So I would shut the fuck up dad.

The only drinks we have in this house are alcohol. So I got some to drink and drank it. I was really thirsty. I have no idea what to do today as always. So I headed up to my room and lied on my bed thinking. How am I gonna get away from father. How will I get rid of my pain. The drugs. The alcohol. My hostile life at home.

" Lunch is ready Jess!" He yelled downstairs from the kitchen. My train of thoughts dissappeared. So I was hungry again. Yes, I am always hungry. So I headed downstairs to see dad drinking his champagne or whatever. He made KD, so I grabbed a bowl and filled it. I saw he already made me a glass of whatever he was drinking. He probably put sometype of pill in it for me. Oh well... So I sat on the kitchen table and ate my lunch and drank the drink. Then he burped really loud. See, my dad is a pig. So I sat there thinking. I will run away tonight. I gotta think of my escape plan...

What's My Plan?

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