Jessica Skeeter was a normal 18 year old teenager. Besides the fact that her dad was an alcoholic and has been making her do drugs, alchohol and do illegal things for him. She has been beaten by him too and her body has been hurting her bigtime. She decides to run away from her dad and meets a sweet 19 year old teenager boy named Baxter, he took her under his wing and once he got to know her more, he beat her up and neclected her feelings and has tried to rape her a few times but failed. She then decides to run away from Baxter and meets 5 teen boys who all love her to death. She on the other hand never wanted to fall in love with anyone else because of Baxter. The boys all want to help her but one of them starts to lose their control. Will Baxter come for revenge? What will happen?

Stop asking yourself and find them out!


29. Resemblance?

Jessica's P.O.V

I didn't believe that it had already been 5 minutes, but you can't argue with the doctor. The last boy entered my room with a big grin. He must be happy. I need to find out what that boy... Liam! Ya, that's his name- is afraid of. I need to make sure. Because I ain't that kind of girl who forgives, I want people to be afraid of me for revenge. " Hello, I'm Louis. I'm the sass-masta from doncasta!" He shouted, giving me a warm hug. He isn't at all mean, more like a guy who only see's happiness. I grinned. he's already warming up to me. Perfect, now to figure out what that Liam boy is scared of.

" Sass-masta?" " Yea cutie?" " You are very welcoming, first of all..." I tried to work my magic to sweeten him up so he could tell me. " Stop sucking up to me! What is it you wanna know?" He grinned, well more-like smirked. "Damn it, you seem to know me so well!" " I actually act like that too..." He commented. Wow wow wow wait, if he's like me then maybe he'd help me tell Liam to be scared of me. I smirked ear-to-ear, perfect plan. He looked at me, curious yet that I-wanna-know-what-your-thinking looks.

" You see, Liam said that he couldn't be afraid of a girl, so I'd really like to prove he should be... And so I really want you to tell me what he's scared of." " Oh sure, glad to help out. Just one thing I'd like to ask." " Ya?" " You see, me and Harry bet that one of us could be better friends with you. And well I paid the doctor to cut Harry's time short... And well, if you say I win, I will tell you." "You, your just like me! And somehow... we look like?" I most likely asked myself. I had the same greyish-blueish eyes and same brown hair and same jaw-line as him. Am I his sister?


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