Jessica Skeeter was a normal 18 year old teenager. Besides the fact that her dad was an alcoholic and has been making her do drugs, alchohol and do illegal things for him. She has been beaten by him too and her body has been hurting her bigtime. She decides to run away from her dad and meets a sweet 19 year old teenager boy named Baxter, he took her under his wing and once he got to know her more, he beat her up and neclected her feelings and has tried to rape her a few times but failed. She then decides to run away from Baxter and meets 5 teen boys who all love her to death. She on the other hand never wanted to fall in love with anyone else because of Baxter. The boys all want to help her but one of them starts to lose their control. Will Baxter come for revenge? What will happen?

Stop asking yourself and find them out!


28. Bribery.

I entered her room in knowledge that I had to win this battle. Because I know Louis would be REALLY good at it. He is the jokester, and I brought him on. So... Time to work my magic.

" Hello love. I see your looking fine today." I flirted. She giggled, a sign that this must be easy. " Well thank you... What's your name?" " Don't laugh... My name is Harry." She laughed hard while I blushed. " Sorry, I'm so... ahah... sorry. You just have a funny name. I don't mean to make you mad or anything."  " No no, don't worry about it. I get laughed at by Lou sometimes about my name..."

" Who's Lou?" " Oh, he's the next mate to come in. But don't worry about him, worry about me." " Why you?" " Because I can be... a tickle monster!" I laughed while I tickled her. " Ha... Harry-aaah! Stop, it-it hurts!" "What do you mean it hurts?" I ask stopping my tickling. " I laughed so hard that my stomach hurts." She commented, taking a deep breath and wiping the tears out of her eyes.

"Sorry, but I told you I was a tickle monster." I warned her. "So, Harry." "What love?" I spoke. " So uh, do you know what-- I'm sorry, but 5 minutes has passed." The doctor interrupted. 

Louis' P.O.V

Harry wants to go? Well this is how you do it Hazza. And that dirty boy! I heard that " Stop, it hurts!" In there, what a dirty boy. I wouldn't be surprised if the doctor walked in and saw them... doing stuff. I laughed, what a funny thought. 

I saw the doctor walk by, I knew exactly how to do this. " So, doctor. Why don't you say you,uh, cut Harry's time short?" I bribed, holding up my 50 bucks. He slipped the money through his hands and stood underneath of the ceiling light and looked at the money to make sure it wasn't fake. He placed the money in his pocket. " Alright." He said, walking into her room.

I looked at the boys. " Hey, it's a battle. You gotta go to some high levels to win. That's how I roll! Oh, and you better not tell Haz, or I'll get revenge. And you know how bad they are." I pointed to them,watching them nod 'yes'. It shows that they fear my vengance. " Good." I finished while Harry walked out. I smiled and walked in kindly.


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