Jessica Skeeter was a normal 18 year old teenager. Besides the fact that her dad was an alcoholic and has been making her do drugs, alchohol and do illegal things for him. She has been beaten by him too and her body has been hurting her bigtime. She decides to run away from her dad and meets a sweet 19 year old teenager boy named Baxter, he took her under his wing and once he got to know her more, he beat her up and neclected her feelings and has tried to rape her a few times but failed. She then decides to run away from Baxter and meets 5 teen boys who all love her to death. She on the other hand never wanted to fall in love with anyone else because of Baxter. The boys all want to help her but one of them starts to lose their control. Will Baxter come for revenge? What will happen?

Stop asking yourself and find them out!


6. Answers and More Questions.

Crud, when Bax closed the door, my stomach, it-it wasn't feeling good. Shit, now this night will be filled with misery. Yet again another night with puking my guts out. Wee, that'd be fun tonight. I thought sarcasticly. Well I probably layed there for like an hour, that's when it was rising, oh crap. No. ---- Great. Here comes the puke. I ran down the hall with the skiing poles into the bathroom and puked. It hurt so much. I still led down on my knees in pain when Baxter came behind me. " Are you alright Jess? -- Uh, Jessica.?" He asked correcting calling me Jess. From now on, I don't want people calling me Jess because it haunts me. Its what only father, yes, my stupid bastard father calls me and when people call me Jess, it-it just reminds me of him and I don't want to be reminded. I don't want to be seen with him. I want to be without him. It's like tonight's cloudy sky. ( Hehe, Moments. :P)

" Yes, well, kinda...?" I answered his question. " Are you sick or something?" He asked. I looked up from the window and seen his eyes full of fear. "No, Its just my father, he..." I paused after he because I still don't know if I can trust him. " I'll tell you tomorrow, it's getting late." I answered as he helped me up and handed me the ski poles and walked me to the bedroom. He got  me cozied up and then he left. Few minutes later, I fell asleep.


Baxter's P.O.V

" No, Its just my father , he..." She paused at he. " I'll tell you tomorrow, it's getting late." She answered. By now, my brain is flooded with more questions about herself. if her dad did something to her like... Uh, Impregnate her? He couldn't have. Could he? I hope not. If not than what else? Why would he do that? What is her story? Answers and More Questions.


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