But I Do Love You More Than That

A crossed summer between eleven people with too many secrets, that suddenly become revealed, but they are to late to hide.


6. Twisted

Chapter 6: Twisted

But I Do Love You More Than That

Chapter 6: Twisted

- Mariah Hamilton -

I woke up the morning after I had spent that night with Zayn and his family, I was feeling so many different things. I felt like a bitch, I shouldn’t do that to Aliah, I felt whole again, almost like having Zayn kiss me made everything magically better, I was confused my brain was spinning and I couldn’t think straight. It was a combination of different feelings telling me to do and think different things. And on top of all that what will happen when Niall finds out I kissed Zayn or how will he react to the fact that I really do know everything that Harry and Cleo did, I knew what was really going on with Katherine and Louis, and how Aliah will tell Jordyn what I did and Niall will hate me, I knew everything that could save our friendships, but the fact that all of them despise me makes it harder to face them. They really didn’t get it, besides Niall and Zayn of course, Katherine and I didn’t talk anymore, Louis feared me because of the way I spoke to him that night. Cleo and Harry both want to get their hands around my throat, and my plan for getting Harry to eventually like me was ruined for two reasons. One, I kissed Zayn and two, now that he knew that I knew about everything he will do anything to protect Cleo. Jordyn hates the fact that I am threatening her best friends, Aliah resents me for dating Zayn and cheating on him, when I really would like to get back together with him despite the fact that I had cheated,even though that was last summer. And Melanie has a boyfriend and won’t speak to me, and Liam is just quiet but I am sure he thinks the same as me that everyone else does. I might as well talk to Niall about all of it now, before something else happens.

I flung my blankets up in the air climbing under my bed sheet struggling to find my mobile. It was like finding a needle in a haystack, so difficult.

” Finally, I hate these sheets.” I mumbled under my breath which was heavy due to my squirming around under the sheet and lack of exercise. I slide the phone up and held down the one to quickly dial Niall’s phone.

” Hey babe,” His accent just calmed my emotions immediately ” You all right?” I wasn’t answering, somewhere between digging through the sheets and dialing his number I bean to cry without noticing. ” Mariah, are you.. crying?” Niall had only seen my cry once, and that was when I broke my ankle while ice skating two years back.

” No, I am fine.”

” You’re definitely crying, whats happening?” He was concerned, I could tell, and I didn’t even know why I was crying so I continued to tell him all that was going through my mind. ” What? That’s what happened?”

” Seriously Niall, this situation is top secret.”

” Well, not really considering you, Cleo, Harry, and myself know.”

” Niall.”

” Right, so is that it, nothing else.”

” One more tiny detail.”

” And that is?”

” I went to dinner with Zayn’s family and threatened Aliah, and then Zayn and I kissed when he was dropping me off.”

” I hope you’re aware that wasn’t a tiny detail? Anyways, what the hell? You know that has disaster written all over it!”

” I know Niall, I know. Can you just come over?” The next thing I hear is the dial tone ringing in my ear, I knew that was a yes, and to prove my guessing I soon hear the knock on door echo throughout the house. I shuffled down the stairs my blonder hair high in a pony tail bouncing to the rhythm of my steps. I tug on my t-shirt and open up the wide, heavy door to see a familiar clone haired blue eyed short irish boy, cheeky grin and all.

” Someone looks happy to see her favorite person ever.” I nudged his shoulder backwards and let him into the living room and watched as he slid his large adidas off and sat onto the leather couch brining the bowl of m&ms up onto his lap. ” How was it? Hmmm?”

” This is serious.” I glared at him chewing vigorously.

” Do you like him, or is this part of the plan?” He sounded annoyed, so in response I gracefully sat up and walked into the kitchen and gave a silent treatment for the next few minutes.

- Niall Horan -

Her plans were always ridiculously organized out and had no flaws, and the fact she made everyone involved in her plans made it one hundred times worse.

” Mariah, come on, it was a question.” She had her back turned to me rubbing her eyes, I could see her hands moving back and forth onto of her face.

” No, Niall It’s not, sorry that you only care for your dumb girlfriend!”

” When the hell did she become a part of this!”

” She always was Niall! Always has been, you and her it’s part of the plan!” She was sniffling, no, goodness how many times is a strong person allowed to cry?

” Sorry that I wasn’t informed of this, mind explaining?” She looked down onto to couch and looked down at her feet again, one tear at a time rolling down each red cheek.

” Jordyn is part of it, I told Aliah about harry and Cleo, she’d tell jordyn, who was already in love with you and you wouldn’t go for it, so obviously she’d tell you, and last night I was supposed to get information from Aliah, but she stood up to me, and then Zayn kissed me and everything is wrong, all of it, everything.” She was calmed down, that last tear fell and she stood up and hugged me rugged shoulders tightly. ” It’s all wrong, and now everyone is going to hate me.”

” Mariah, look at me.. I know you want them to like you, but you cant do it like this.”

” This isn’t the plan, and everything is screwed up, and you don’t understand!” She screeched back at me, I had heard the tone, everyone had. ” I was supposed to fix everything.”

” Well, you fixed Jordyn and I.”

” No, because now Aliah is going tot tell Jordyn and Zayn and-“

” You know Aliah and Jordyn, they’d do anything to keep everyone friends, why would they tell people?” She just stared, she knew I was right, she sat down on the couch and put her down onto the pillow. ” I’m gonna leave, so you can fix everything.” she shook her head to reassure me it was okay to leave.

” Niall,” I stopped, she looked at me and smiled ” It was great.” So, I walked out the door and blew a big puff out of my mouth as a sign of relief, at least she enjoyed the kiss, right?


- Aliah Malik -

” This one?” Zayn was pulling every possible outfit out of his closet to ask for my opinion.

” That one.”

” This or that?”

” That Zayn, I promise.” He pulled on the dark purple v-neck and pulled on his black and white varsity jacket. The doorbell rang to Zayn’s apartment building. ” Got it, it’s probably my mom!” I scurried across the hallway into the wide room to pull open the door, to my surprise seeing Mariah in a pair of light wash skinny jeans, and a floral shirt with lace covered with a shrug creme grandpa cardigan. ” Oh.”

” Hey, I um wanted to-“

” Zayn, you’re date is here.” I felt an arm pull me over to the kitchen, time for another threat, nothing new here.

” Look, I need to say a few things.”

” If its about Harry and Cleo, I could really care less, I will deal with that later-“

” No, let me finish. I am really sorry Aliah, for the way I talked to you at your house a few nights ago, it wasn’t very nice of me.”

” It’s not april fools.”

” Alaih, I am being so serious, I am sorry, I shouldn’t have talked to you like that, ever. I was rude, and just wanted information about other people.”

” Who? Cleo, I bet? I thought you new everything already.”

” I know what happened, I wasn’t really trying to come off the way I did, I am really jealous of Cleo.”

” Oh so my cousin is your rebound, nice.”

” No, he’s not, I like your cousin a lot Aliah. I promise I do, Cleo just has chemistry with people I won’t ever have it with.”

” Well, you should probably tell her that.” I walked away just in time to Zayn waling down the narrow hallway. ” She’s in the kitchen, I got her a water” Zayn glanced around the wall and all I hear for the next few minutes is giggles and talking. Besides that point, what the hell? Is Mariah apologizing to me? Is she trying to be friendly or am I going crazy? Is Zayn even safe with any of this, what if she doesn’t the same damn thing as last time. Like she does with everyone, I hat to get to the bottom of this. Now.
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