But I Do Love You More Than That

A crossed summer between eleven people with too many secrets, that suddenly become revealed, but they are to late to hide.


2. Triangles

Chapter 2: Triangles

- Louis Tomlinson-

I couldn’t explain the reason why I was worried, I was just confused. I mean Katie was usually quiet but she was never like that around me. I am her best friend and this is what best friends do, is worry. And the fact she didn’t tell me anything made it worse. I thought she could tell me anything, I guess thats what worried me. I was just praying that Mariah would know something. But first I needed to stop by the flat to pick up a few things.

I pulled up to the apartment complex hoping Harry was home, because I had forgotten my house key at Katie’s house. I was an idiot, I always forgot something. I remember forgetting Melanie’s birthday while dating her. I will never forget walking up the stairs to a room full of people completely forgetting about the surprise party Harry and Zayn had organized. That was the first strike in our relationship that consisted of four months.

I strutted up to the red door marked; 17C, and continued to knock repeatedly.

” Come on in.” I sighed in relief that Harry was home, but to be honest he said that with much more pride than usual. ” Hey Lou, what’s up?” I walked into the door and quickly looked up from the floor. To my surprise in front of my eyes was Cleo and Mariah. What the hell was Harry doing with these two together. They practically hated each other, It did make sense though; Mariah was a pro at pretending to be someone’s friend whom she secretly hates, and Cleo could hide her true feelings better than anyone I’d ever seen, met or heard of. And believe me everyone knows Cleo and Harry have this weird connection no one can explain, but she can keep those feeling in for years and years, and will never tell a soul. And Mariah hated it, just the fact that Harry preferred Cleo over her made her cringe.

” Nothing, I was um actually going to talk to Mariah if you don’t mind Harry?” Mariah shot her eyes up at me in curiosity.

” What’s going on Lou?” She wanted to hear it, I mean I was talking to the gossiping guru of London.

” It’s about Katie.”

” What about Katherine!” She shot back at me with a tone I had heard before but never towards me, she was so intimidating.

” You’re her friend right?” I asked quietly, I could see in the corner of my eye Cleo and Harry whispering back and forth.

” No, we don’t talk anymore, jesus Lou, have you been hiding under a boulder?!”

” What happened?” I was so confused, I couldn’t believe they didn’t talk, I thought they were really good friends, but like I said before she was good at pretending to be people’s friends.

” She’s just- look Louis, I don’t have time for this, I don’t know anything.” She sounded really unsure about her answer, I wasn’t too convinced and I wasn’t just going to leave.

” Mariah, she’s been acting strange, like oddly strange.”

” Yeah, probably because she doesn’t have me to support her spineless self.” I could believe her, I immediately walked out of the flat grabbing my spare key out of the red glass bowl above the counter, slammed the door with all eyes on me, and continued to my car. Drove off to the coffee shoppe and thought some things over.

- Mariah Hamilton -

Everything Louis had said was ridiculous, I could really care less. To tell the truth. All I worried about at the moment was getting Harry away from Cleo. He deserves someone better than her. And I would never be jealous of her, just because they get along better, never. Just the thought of her makes me sick, and the thought of them together makes me want to vomit.


- Harry Styles -

By around 4 o’clock Mariah had left and Cleo and I were alone in the flat, waiting for her mum to come pick her up. I picked Cleo up every single day after school. She was three years younger than me but most likely the most mature fifteen year old I had ever met. We had been best friends for a little over a year now. She was fantastic, I couldn’t ask for better best friend. Especially the fact that she can keep any secret I have ever told her or will tell her in the future, but there is a down side to that. She won’t tell me her true feelings. And I would die to know what this girl is thinking on inside, particularly about me.

” Harry!” We were casually watching the tele when she squealed my name because of my hands pinching her small sides. I just looked up into her big green eyes and winked at her.

” What?” I said cheekily, smiling at her. She eventually smiled back and chuckled at me. Her everything smile was just perfect and, her long wavy red hair was falling onto her chest, without a care in the world. I eventually chuckled back and snatched the remote away from her long boney fingers. ” Got it.”

” Damn you Styles.” We had been fighting about the television show for the past half hour, we basically did it everyday once she came over. It was part of our ‘daily routine’ And I honestly couldn’t realize a day with out Cleo sitting on that couch. I couldn’t imagine her not being there arguing over the remote control and which television show is better; Skins or Doctor Who? I couldn’t imagine us not being friends.

- Cleo Benson -

” Harry!” I screeched, his large hands griping onto my small sides clinching harder and harder the more I moved. I was giggling by the time his eyes met with mine.

” What?” He said whilst winking ever so swiftly. I had pretty much seen all of Harry’s ‘moves’ to ‘pick-up’ girls. He practically used all of them on me at least twice. And they didn’t work, I don’t understand how her gets all these older women with winks and cheesy lines. He was such and awkwardly cheeky lad. I don’t quite know how those two traits ended up in one body, but he made it worked for him. Some how, I just didn’t know how. Maybe it was the curls? Harry grasped on to my hand handling the remote and slightly letting the remote slip out of my hand.

” Got it.” He always won this game, everyday after school, he never even gave me a chance. Not one at all.

” Damn you Styles.” I said back quickly. I looked up at his face; smiling from ear to ear, dimples in all. He bounced a little in excitement and the dark brown curls surrounding his head springing up and down. He was just so quirky.

I heard a knock on the door when my mum yelled ” Let me in Harry!” My mum loved Harry more than she loved my brother to be honest. She just considered harry the most respectful guy in the world. Which he was I couldn’t imagine my life without an awkward, cheeky, quirky, adorable, curly headed best friend. And, I made a promise to my self that I would never love him more than just that. I’ve broke that promise once, over the summer. Actually, no one knows besides Harry and I. Now I promised my self for real that it wouldn’t happen, I won’t ever put our friendship on the line like that again.
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