But I Do Love You More Than That

A crossed summer between eleven people with too many secrets, that suddenly become revealed, but they are to late to hide.


10. The Past (Part Two)

Chapter 9: The Past (Part Two)

But I Do Love You More Than That

Chapter 9: The Past (Part Two)

- Cleo Benson -

His girl? Was I? All along was I his, did he think I was? I couldn’t wrap my mind around anything at the moment, everything was a blur. He was putting himself out there and I tried, I tried so hard to put my feelings there. Flat out in front of him, and nothing worked. I always said the wrong thing. I pulled my long wavy red hair backwards and behind my ears. I looked over towards the couch to see him. I couldn’t see his face. He had his head buried in his palms, his long lanky legs were shaking. I couldn’t look at him any longer, I had to leave. I already hit him once, who knows what i’d do next. I was a mess. I grabbed my bag, not caring about the noises I was making. I jerked the large heavy door opened, making loud squeaking noises due to the apartment being old. I turned backwards to see Harry up and standing looking at me with huge eyes. He had a tear falling slowly down his left cheek, I couldn’t bare it any longer I had to leave now. I glanced up quickly then darted out the door, he followed me, catching up with me, he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him.

” Cleo, please.” He loosened his grip, his big green eyes looked down at me, they were tearing up and I couldn’t handle seeing him like this, I had only seen I’m cry once and that was a year or so ago, when he broke his ankle. I shook my head at him.

” I cant, Harry, don’t make me stay here.” I jerked my arm away from his grip and had a final look at him then walked swiftly away. Halfway down the hallway I realized I was crying, usually I was a silent crier, never even made a peep, but this time it was loud. Like a scream, it was real sadness, it filled me in every part of my body. It was a huge ache, everywhere, in my head, chest, legs, everything was throbbing. I couldn’t even control the screams, they would escape when ever they felt like it, it took an overwhelming power to do this to me, and I don’t now what it was, I had never done this before. All of this was new to me, everything. The leaving part, was the worst, I should feel us moving further and further apart. And maybe this was even the las time we talked. Who knew?

It felt like forever until I got to the elevator, like had been walking for years. My legs were shaking and I could barely stand, I just wanted to get to the lobby and have Jordyn pick me up. I want my best friend to take me home and comfort me in anyway she possibly could. I stood in the elevator and realized what and idiot i’d look like in the lobby bawling my eyes out. I’d get asked questions and that was the last thing I wanted. I pulled my cell phone out of my bag and dialed the number quickly, hands and voice shaking at the same time, I was breathing heavily and I was surprised she knew what I was talking about.

” Hello,” I took a deep breath in which I guess she heard. ” Hello! Cleo! “

” Can you come um.. get me,” My voice was shaking and I was still crying. ” I’m at the apartments.”

” Give me two minuets.” Just then the elevator bell rang and the doors opened, I hung up the phone and shoved it n my bag. I tried to walk out calmly, but the tears kept falling. I sat on the lobby couch and waited, soon realizing everyone was staring at the ’ crazy girl crying in the lobby’ I walked outside. I sat on the curb outside for a while, it had been longer than two minuets, but I didnt mind the sound of the fast paced city, I didn’t mind the fresh air or anything at all, I was calm again. I had recollected my thoughts for a moment, and everything seemed good again, or so thought. I heard foot steps behind me, then a hand on my shoulder. I knew from the beginning it was Harry, just by the feeling of his hands, they were strong and large. He squeezed my shoulder almost like a massage feeling and I just started crying again, nothing was okay anymore.

” Go away, just for now please.” I said in a whisper.

” I cant just do that.”

” And why not?”

” Because, I cant let you walk away, or leave me, let me worry about you for once.”

” You see, you don’t need to worry Harry, you don’t need to care for me, I can take care of myself.” A tear fell.

” Cleo, I love you so much it hurts me. Did you know that?”

” Go away!” Jordyn pulled up, she saw me crying and Harry still trying to talk to me, I heard a slam of the driver door, she ran with so much power, it scared me.

” Get the hell out of here!” She grabbed my bag from the ground and took my hand, leading me to the car she opened the door for me and gestured me to sit.

” Jordyn! Let me talk to her!” She looked back over at him with a smirk on her face, Jordyn was in defense mode, and thats never good. She slammed the door, I guess as a sound barrier, but I could hear everything.

” I think you’ve done enough talking Harry.” She walked towards him, she wasn’t being rude, she was simply telling him the truth.

” I love her so much!” Harry screamed at the top of his lungs, I’m pretty sure everyone hard him from miles around. ” I cant let her go Jordyn, not now.” He pushed her aside and walked to the car, I was still crying hard, and I could feel my make up running down my face ad onto my clothing. Jordyn ran again, and go in front of him and in a normal voice she said;

” I know you love her Harry, everyone does, give her time, let me talk to her. She needs room to breathe, give her a few days,” She nodded her head towards the apartment doors. ” Go inside.” My breathing was heavy, I couldn’t wrap my head around anything. I didn’t know what I was going to do. Jordyn got into the car and we drove off. Not a word was said, I figured we were going to he rouse, so I sat back and closed my eyes. It was so unreal the fight that had happened. Nothing like that had ever happened before. I tried to calm my self my breathing large and slow, It took a while but I caught my breath.
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