But I Do Love You More Than That

A crossed summer between eleven people with too many secrets, that suddenly become revealed, but they are to late to hide.


5. Protection & Care

Chapter 5: Protection & Care

But I Do Love You More Than That

Chapter 5: Protection & Care

- Aliah Malik -

So much was going on, everything was spiraling out of control, and all because of Mariah. I was done with her, she was hurting my best friends and I wasn’t okay with that. I don’t even see Mariah as a friend, I actually don’t see her anywhere near that. I also can not fathom how Niall handles a high maintenance brat 24/7. She was hitting every single one of my last nerves, but I knew what she was trying to do. Trying to get in my head to where I snap and make myself look bad, and I wasn’t going to let that happen. But, I know she is five steps ahead of everybody, all the time. She was the same way while dating Zayn, she controlled him, she knew what he was going do all of his reactions, she knows everyone to well. She knew Zayn way too well, she knows that he still cares about her the way he cares for his mum and I. The fact he could even chase her for this long is ridiculous, he still wants her and I wasn’t going to let it happen. I had to step up. I had to become the Jordyn of our group, she was pulled so far into Niall she didn’t see any other person besides him. I didn’t care that they were ‘seeing each other’, just the fact that she’s wrapped around his finger and for all I know Mariah could have Niall wrapped around hers, and pretending to care and love for Jordyn, just so she can get the strongest person away from us. Jordyn solved, or helped solve all of our problems. On top of the fact that she’s been put under Niall’s ‘spell’ Cleo and Mariah already fought on the first day of summer, Katherine isn’t herself anymore, Zayn is chasing a bitch, and Cleo and Harry have some secret that no one knows about, or thats what I’m thinking anyways. This is so much.

” Aliah, dinner!” I pulled on my thin jacket to go downstairs, only because the difference in temperatures was too much of a difference, I don’t think my mother realizes that she’s living in a refrigerator. It was sunday, two days since our ’ get together ‘, just the normal sunday, my auntie, uncle, and cousins would come to have dinner. Including Zayn, he is probably more protective over me than my father is, but my mother expected him to be. I’m guessing because we associate ourselves with the same people. She expected him to be respectful, bring me home safely and never lie to my mother about where we were going. ” They will be here in five minuets, set the table Aliah.” My mum had her red lipstick on, looking stunning like always. I would never look like my mother, she was perfect, and she so many people that loved her, and look at me sixteen and I have an enemy with the potential to ruin my life by the snap of her fake-tanned fingers.

” Letting myself in.” Zayn barged through the front door carrying a chocolate cake, and holding the door open with his foot. I saw a familiar but odd blonde haired girl step gracefully out of the car. I was staring while placing the fork onto the place mat, it couldn’t be. Could it?

” Aliah, grab the extra chair from the corner and placemat, we have a special guest.”

” No,” I muttered under my breath.

” Aliah Renee Malik, now!”

” Sorry mum, right away.” I walked tot he corner and sat the chair on the far end of the table, and just glanced at Zayn, I couldn’t believe him. ” Way to invite non-family to our family function Zayn.” I rolled my eyes up at his, he just smirked and sat the chocolate cake onto the counter.

” Thank you for inviting me, and allowing me into your home.” Mariah, with manners? I’ve never seen or think I’d ever see that.

” No problem, any friend of Zayn’s is welcomed in this house.” My mom grinned her toothy grin. You could see the lipstick stain ring around her wine glass.

” Oh, Im surprised Aliah didn’t say anything, we’re friends too.”

” Oh really? Huh, how interesting!”

” Small world.” I was so uninterested in this, she ruined the whole thing, she makes me miserable.

” Be nice.” My mum mumbled and glanced at me, she could tell I wasn’t enjoying this as much as I usually do.

” May I please be excused?” Zayn glanced at me with a sort of puppy dog eyes, he was so frustrating.

” Go on.” My mum took a minute to answer my question, even though I was already standing, with my chair partially pushed in. As soon as she answered I darted to my room and dialed Jordyn.

I was sitting on my red and yellow blankets that sat onto of my bed, praying she would answer and talk to me, I needed Jordyn more than anything.

” Hello?”

” Jordyn!”

” Aliah, I’m with Niall I cant exactly talk at the moment try Cleo, we’re in the middle of something.” Great, I didn’t even have her to talk to because Niall was always with her, I hope they don’t end up being that annoying coupe that talks in baby voices and pokes each other and giggle till the cant breathe.

” Please tell em you aren’t going to bail?”

” What is going on Ali?” Now I had someone that I could speak to personally, and I know Cleo wouldn’t tell a soul.

” It’s Mariah, she’s in my house.”

” Why? Did your mum think it was time to bond with a bitch?” I giggled and caught up to my words.

” She’s here with Zayn, and the worst part is, she’s being nice.”

” She’s playing a game, don’t bother her, if she bothers you don’t do what I did, please, do anything but that.”

” What exactly happened?”

” Nothing, I have to go, just don’t play games with her, she can twist any story.” She hung up, I flung my jacket back on and headed down stairs to go into the restroom, I walked through the hallway looking down at the ground, accidentally running into Mariah.

” Why are you here? Just answer that one thing.” He blue eyes glanced down on me, she towered over me with her heels on, why the hell was she dressed up to come to a family night?

” I’m not here for Zayn I’m here for you.” My eyes grew bigger, she could see I was scared, I could feel that I was scared. ” Don’t be afraid.”

” Quit doing this to him, he doesn’t deserve to be played.”

” He will be played, or I tell every single person that he was, well you know-“

” Stop it, and stop acting like you’re some nice little girl, I can see straight through you.”

” Fine, I guess I won’t tell you what happened between Cleo and Harry. That was what you were talking about upstairs, correct?”

” I honestly could care less.” I shoved against her shoulder and headed into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror, I finally stood up to her. I just smiled at my self and brushed my dark brown hair back, looking at myself, looked like a stronger person.

- Mariah Hamilton -

This was honestly one of my best plans to ever come to my mind. I was dressed up, just for Zayn in the dress he had bought me last year when we dated. It made him happy to see me in it, but it made me really happy to see him happy. I was polite and kind, but had to remember I wasn’t there for Zayn, I was there for Aliah, just to see her. Just seeing that little girl scared of me makes me excited. But her cousin, Zayn he’s just, I cant describe it, but I cant exactly express my feeling correctly, I will always be the one who hurts someone else, and when Aliah told me he didn’t deserve it or me. It honestly broke my heart, but I’m here doing business, and that’s all. I get side tracked so easily.

- Zayn Malik -

” You didn’t think it was too awkward?” I looked down on her into her big blue eyes, I was honestly falling in love all over again, despite all that had happened in the past. I know Aliah will hate it, but I cant help it. She isn’t like everyone thinks she is, and sure she cheated on me, but when it was just me and her, she was so sweet and kind. Probably the most caring girlfriend I had in all honesty. And I still love her, I still loved her after I beat myself up for 3 weeks because I didn’t keep her happy so she had to cheat. I missed her, and her kisses and her laugh that she would make when we would stare. I miss messing up her hair in the morning when she would spend the night without my parents knowing. I missed it all. I missed her.

” It was great, really.” She got on her tip toes, I still towered over her while she was wearing heels, and kissed my cheek. She got her key from her bag and gracefully unlocked her door. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her in to where her lips met mine, soon into the kiss she started kissing me back, I pulled away so my parents wouldn’t ask what was taking so long.

” You know I care.”

” Of course I do Zayn, have a goo nights sleep.” She loosened her grip on my hand and let me walk away slowly. I got into the back seat of my family SUV, and began to drive away, soon receiving a text saying:

New Message: Mariah H.

” Wednesday(:?”

11: 24 PM

I quickly replied with a sure, see you then. It was so odd, I felt whole again.

- Mariah Hamilton -

I cant fall back into this, no. Not now, with all this potential drama, he will just be a distraction. But I cant help it, I cant resist. I lied down onto my mattress and just thought to myself, about every detail that happened tonight, and regretting the way I talked to Aliah in the hallway. I thought about the kiss, and the way his lips felt against mine, I thought about the mistake I made last year by cheating. This is really happening, Zayn and I, again, what am I doing?
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