But I Do Love You More Than That

A crossed summer between eleven people with too many secrets, that suddenly become revealed, but they are to late to hide.


3. Last Day

But I Do Love You More Than That

Chapter 3: Last Day

- Cleo Benson -

” Finally.” I mumbled under my breath while getting up from my seat in-between Aliah and Jordyn, class was actually over. School was actually over, the year was done with and summer was here. Even-though summer wasn’t exactly my favorite time of the year, I don’t have to deal with as many people. Except for Mariah, but I could handle her for as long as I needed too. Just three months of seeing each other occasionally then bam back to normal, unless she continued the ‘oh let’s invite myself to Harry and Louis’ flat without permission!’ routine. Which was quite rude, and I happened to hate the fact that she just barged in when ever she felt the need too, and Harry never said no.

” You’re going right?” Jordyn looked concerned as she looked at me. Jordyn had big brown puppy dog eyes and long dark brown hair. She wasn’t as tall as I was, she more of an average height. Jordyn also took the responsibility of keeping us together. All eleven of us, she made sure we didn’t lose connection. She constantly thought that if we didn’t get along or talk we would never speak to the others. She was the peacemaker, she made everything seem so simple and easy.

” Yeah, I think Harry is picking me up like usual.. Is Niall coming to get you?”

” Yeah, Niall, Mariah and I are gonna ride together, is Zayn going to pick you up Ali?”

” No, I can never rely on him much anymore, he said he had made a promise to Louis and Katherine.”

” What kind of promise, are they finally gonna go on a date?” It was about time, they needed a little extra push. Louis never cared for someone the way he cares for Katie, and Katie cares back in the same way, but yesterday you could really tell. Louis was worried; beyond the realm of caring, Louis was frantic enough to ask Mariah, out of all the people. And what did she do, she yelled at him. Right in his face, and Louis just stood there un aware of her temper, he just wanted an answer.

” No, all three of them went to lunch, Katie’s school got out earlier and Zayn told me he wouldn’t bedone in time to drive all the way to the other side of town, so..”

” You could ride with us!” Jordyn was always up to help someone, she hated seeing people left behind.

” With Mariah, I don’t know.” Aliah didn’t hate Mariah, she just had very strong opinions about her. About the girl who screwed around with her cousin and lied and cheated, and Aliah told no one but me. Zayn and Mariah broke up long ago, but she didn’t want to see Zayn go through ‘that’ stage. She’d seen it before, it want a good sight or thing to be around. I always told her Zayn would find out eventually, Mariah would do something and make it seem like Zayn was the reason she cheated, some tragic story was up and under her sleeve, and Aliah waited for it. ” That’s fine, i’ll ignore her, I’ll talk to Niall.”

” Let’s go, he’s here.” Aliah hoped up off the railing of the stairs and pulled the sliver car’s door wide open slide in and waved bye. Jordyn popped into the passengers seat buckled up and pulled her golden necklace up and over the seatbelt. And when the window rolled down on the back left door, I see Mariah waving at me, like she was the god damn queen of england. She was more like the queen of ruining reputations.

Finally I see the range rover pull into the schools pickup line, he was really late today.

” Were you on the other side of the earth or?” I flung the door open and flopped onto the leather seat swiftly buckling my seatbelt.

” I was actually in line getting you a Iced coffee, here.” He handed me the light brown colored coffee while afterwards wiping his hands on his jeans from the condensation.

” Thanks Harry.”

” Happy last day of school love.” Did he just call me love?

- Aliah Malik -

The car ride was awkward, Niall and Jordyn were in the front and Mariah and I in the back. It was quiet and Mariah would just stare at me with her innocent looking blue eyes. Her long thin blonde hair straightened and blowing in the wind from the window being rolled down the slightest bit. Then she asked the question, that one question.

” How’s Zayn?” I quickly glanced at her and replied back with a shoulder shrug, Jordyn turned her head to look at me and raised her eyebrow, almost like a gesture to switch seats. I just smiled back at Jordyn to reassure her that I was fine, and she didn’t need to stick up for me. Mariah just met her eyes with mine again like she had something to tell, and I didn’t want to hear it; not now and not ever. She had played so many games with my family, my friends and I didn’t even want to look at her face, eyes, hair, legs, or any part of her body. She was irrelevant to me and I didn’t want one thing to do with her. She was nothing.

But still, she inched closer and closer, pulled her face too my ear and whispered

” I know something that you don’t.” She said it with a voice, that voice I had heard before, that voice she used when telling me all the things she’d done too my cousin. And the things she would do too my life if she found out I had told a soul, the things she would do to me if she found out I told Cleo. Those terrible things, things I wouldn’t have even thought she would do. The lies she would come up with to make it seem like everything was Zayn’s fault. The things she would say to make it seem like Zayn was the bad one, and it was his fault she cheated and lied to and on him. I wanted to slap her, but I couldn’t I know Niall would yell and stop the car. And Jordyn would pry me off the bitch, I was tired of her, but she proceeded anyways. ” Something about last summer, perhaps between Harry and Cleo.” I tried so hard to tune her out, but she just continued. ” They did some things.” And she pulled away, back to her side of the car, back to the window, minding her own business like nothing happened. I had to get out of this car, I had to ask Jordyn, or Harry, but not Cleo she wouldn’t say a word, everyone knows that girl is a sealed envelope that will never open.


That car ride couldn’t have been any longer. It strained on and on, seemed like the longest thirty minute drive of my life, felt like hours, I stopped Jordyn from going inside. What Mariah said to me was going around and around through my head, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

” Do you know anything strange that happened last summer?” Jordyn raised her dark brown eyebrow in confusion.

” A lot of stuff happened last summer Ali.”

” No, I mean something big.” My eyes got wider as hers grew the same way.

” You have to be more specific about this.”

” Between Harry and Cleo?” Her mouth dropped and she couldn’t believe what I had said.

” No! What did you hear? Aliah tell me!” She had her hands wrapped around my shoulders shaking me, like that was gonna get what Mariah said out of me.

” Mariah said.. That Cleo and Harry did something, and no one knows besides them, you’re the only one that can get this information out of her.” She looked at me a nodded she knew what she needed to ask Cleo, she knew that something did happen, and if everyone found out by them, it’d be better than getting Mariah to tell all of London and quite possibly more. She’d tell the tabloids, she’d tell anyone she got to interview her. She would do anything. Especially to get Cleo away rom Harry, but we all know thats not gonna happen anytime soon. I could see the headlines now ’ YOUNG TEEN AFFAIR WITH HARRY STYLES! ’ It didn’t look good on anyones part.

- Jordyn Smith -

I couldn’t believe what Aliah had told me, and Ali wasn’t the type of person to lie about something that huge, she was really concerned. Probably because she could see Mariah ruining Cleo’s life and reputation with one statement to the press. I walked into Liam’s flat like usual, nothing different. I didn’t act differently, I was normal I said hello to everyone and hugged them and sat down to watch the movie Liam had rented. Melanie with her boyfriend Nick, Katherine sitting next to Louis I was guessing their lunch went well, Aliah squeezed in-between Liam and Zayn, Niall sitting on the floor next to Mariah, and at the other end of the couch Harry and Cleo. I sat down on the floor next to Mariah and Niall and grabbed Cleo’s arm and pulled her down the hallway. She looked normal she was acting the same, didn’t seem like Mariah had said a word to her, but when I did pull her away from Harry the slightest grin hit on Mariah’s perfectly tan face.

” What’s going on Jordyn?” She really didn’t know what was going on, Mariah really hadn’t said a word, she was waiting for me to do this, but I couldn’t just leave it alone.

” Last summer, tell me what happened.” Cleo pulled her bangs back and tugged on her peach shirt. Green eyes getting bigger, I knew she knew what I was talking about, I know she can lie very well, I was in for something.

” What are you talking about?”

” Don’t play dumb Cleo, I know you remember. You and Harry last summer, some secret maybe? Just tell me I promise I won’t judge you Cleo, you can trust me right?”

” I didn’t do anything, only thing we have done is kiss, and that everyone knows about they’re no secrets to be uncovered here.” She just walked away and sat down with Harry once again. I couldn’t tell if she was lying or not this time I was so confused. I honestly didn’t know what to think, she was acting completely normal maybe nothing did happen, maybe she doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Maybe Cleo told the truth.

- Harry Styles -

” What was that about Cleo?” I grabbed her side and pulled her closer to a whisper, she wouldn’t answer at first. I could tell she was in a panic. ” Cleo? Come on what did she say.”

” They know.” She didn’t even look at me while saying it, she was just staring at the screen. Who knew? Which ones? What all do they know? So many questions running through my head. If this got out to the wrong person I could be in a lot of trouble. And more importantly Cleo’s reputation as just a normal teenager, and I certainly didn’t want that for her. I didn’t want to ruin her normal life.

” Who knows?”

” I don’t know, they just know.” She doesn’t need to go through this. And if it’s Mariah I will give every ounce of what I have to tell her not too. How could they know?
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