But I Do Love You More Than That

A crossed summer between eleven people with too many secrets, that suddenly become revealed, but they are to late to hide.


8. Fool

But I Do Love You More Than That

Chapter 8: Fool

- Katherine Belle -

I was so tired, exhausted actually, I had been working all day and when I finally got off I went straight to my room and changed to go to dad’s banquet. By the time I got home it was 12:45 in the morning. I remember finally laying in bed at 1:30. But, more importantly I remember dragging myself up the stairs and into the hallway to hear sniffling then a quick door slam. I figured something happened with Nick, I mean he wasn’t really talked about, my parents met him once for a brief moment, why would she want to talk about him now? I would’ve never thought it was a completely different scenario until now.

I woke up to a around twelve text messages from different people, nine were from Mariah, one from Louis, and two from Melanie. Mariah kept asking if i was awake and if I could met up with her, Louis kept saying he was sorry, but i just figured he was drunk the night before and thought he did something ridiculous, and Mel said she felt bad for letting me see her that way. I had seen my sister cry before, it wasn’t a huge or deal but I guess she saw it as a weakness and didn’t want to seem weak. Melanie was always a strong person and I looked up to her for most things, besides boys, well except for Louis, she knew him in a way I didn’t know and I trusted her. I pulled my sore feet from the blanket and called Mariah as I was walking into the bathroom to start running my bath water. Louis always made fun of me for taking baths he called me a kid, but i didn’t mind to be honest. The ring kept dragging on and on and I figured I should hang up and right when I did I hear a sudden noise coming from the phone.

” Katie!” Her tone of voice was so different.

” Yeah?”

” You think we could meet up later today and talk?” Talk? Really, after all the shit she put me through, yeah right, maybe when you turn into a real human being.

” Wait, aren’t we in a fight?”

” That’s partially what this is about.” Figured.

” Three, meet me at the bookstore, usual table.” The phone hung up instantly. Partially? I bet she needs money or maybe even advice for her messed up shit, she doesn’t need me. What could the other part be about.


The next time I looked at the clock it was already 2:30 and I hadn’t even gotten dressed, I started to rush, frantically pushing clothes to the other side of my closet trying to find the other sandal to slide on quickly. Finally the brown leather shoe was secured around my ankle as I pulled my purse off the coat rack and shuffled my way down the stairs and straight to the front door. Melanie stopped me.

” Whats the rush? Big date?” She chuckled to her self.

” Not exactly, Mariah wants to talk.”

” Oh, wouldn’t you rather hang out with me today, you did enough yesterday aren’t you tired?”

” Well yeah, but I need to talk to her, it’s been a while.”

” Stay.” She grabbed my wrist, why was she doing this?

” Why are you trying to stop me?” I pulled away from her grip and opened the door and walked quickly to my car the time was already 2:47 I was going to be late, the book store is 15 minutes away.


It was 3:05, I was late as usual, dumb shoes. I looked throughout the bookstore trying to find Mariah, she wasn’t at the usual table. Finally I saw her blonde hair in a big ponytail from behind, I walked over anxiously and sat my stuff on the table.

” Our table was taken, sorry Katie.”

” Oh it’s fine.”

” I got you a coffee, double vanilla, it might be a little cold now.” She handed me the cup, to my surprise it still had a warmth to it. ” Katie, I am really sorry, I shouldn’t have stopped talking to you, it was really stupid of me and I’m trying to change, I feel terrible really.”

” It’s not that, it’s just there was no reason behind it. I did nothing to you.”

” It wasn’t you, it was Mel.”

” How?” My sister has nothing to do with this.

” This is kind of hard to explain.”

” I will try to understand.”

” You remember the fight at the party, between Cleo and I? well a few weeks before school was let out I found out some information about last summer, and Harry told Louis and he told your sister and your sister rubbed it in my face that she knew something I didn’t know, and it really pissed me off-“

” So thats why, because some dumb hookup between a guy that you’ll never have because you are obnoxiously oblivious that he doesn’t like you, and him and Cleo have something you have with no one besides Zayn, oh wait, you ruined that too.”

” No, it pissed me off because I thought harry and I were getting close and he still didn’t tell me his secrets.”

” Jealousy? Mariah, being jealous won’t help anything.”

” You out of all people know I went to therapy for jealousy.”

” How could I forget, my mum paid for it.”

” I’m sorry. Really, I am trying to change.”

” I’m sorry, what I said was rude, about Zayn, I know you really care about him.”

” Yeah, were actually together again. But, besides that I need to tell you something.” Was this the other part?

” Okay, what is it?”

” Last night, I came to apologize to you, but not realizing you weren’t home I came in with the spare key underneath the flower pot, I came inside and heard noises, it was Louis and Mel, i came up and they were doing stuff, and I needed to tell you because I’m not the type of person to start drama anymore, this is the truth and you need to know.” What, how could he, wait she could be lying, but she said she’s trying to change and do things for the better.

” How do you know they were doing stuff?”

” He wasn’t wearing a shirt, Katie, and I walked into Mel’s room and her clothes were on the floor, and you know she has OCD and her floor is always clean.” My eyes just grew big and I knew she could tell I believed it.

” Is this why she tried to stop me coming here?”

” Most likely. Im so sorry.”

” Oh my god.” Tears started to fill my eyes.

- Louis Tomlinson -

I was sitting on the red couch in my apartment when I hear two bangs on the door, Harry was over and no one else was supposed to be coming, or so I thought? I saw Harry in the corner of my eye and he was headed to the door. I propped my feet up onto the couch and took a sip of my pop.

” Hey Katie, how have you-” Harry was cut off quickly by her and shoved him into the side table near the door containing keys and objects we never used.

” What the hell, you are a monster and I never want to talk to you again.” She charged me and I stood up trying to hold her arms back, she was acting a way I had never seen her before, mad, furious, and on top of that she was balling her eyes out. ” I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!”

” Stop!” I tried to scream back, but I couldn’t scream at her. Not katie, not my best friend.

” No, I hate you, and I hope you die, you sick bastard!”

” Shit.” Harry ran at Katie and grabbed her waist and pulled her away.

” Why? Why! Tell me! I thought you liked me! I thought you cared! But no, fuck you!” I had never heard her curse, and i wanted her to stop. It was making me want to say something back.

” Calm down babe, breathe.” Harry rubbed her arm.

” I hate him.”

” You’re angry. You don’t mean that.”

” No, harry I do, I mean it more than anything, I want him dead, and I hope he’s happy with my slut of a sister, see you at the wedding.” She pulled away from Harrys grip and charged out the door, the shake from the slam of the door shook the apartment, the painting fell and I sat on the couch in disappointment, why am I such an idiot? My head was buried in my hands, I could hear harry’s footsteps coming closer and becoming louder and louder, he pat my back.

” Mate, what the hell just happened?”

” I’ve been making the biggest mistake.”

” How long has it been going on?”

” Five months, I want her to see so I can love her and be with her and she doesn’t get it Harry, she doesn’t get I love her, she won’t admit it to herself that she loves me.”

” Fooling around with her sister doesn’t get that job done.”

” She’s gone forever isn’t she?”

” I don’t know.” I was scared.
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