But I Do Love You More Than That

A crossed summer between eleven people with too many secrets, that suddenly become revealed, but they are to late to hide.


1. Don't Lie

Chapter 1: Don’t Lie

- Katherine Belle -

We weren’t those friends that grew up around each other, but we acted like them. Just kids, all of us, we didn’t understand the mess we had gotten ourselves into. Just one big sticky mess of lies and heartbreak, all just a big misunderstanding. Our communication just broke away that summer, we ended everything wrong, yet stared out right. Or was it the other away around? No matter if it was or not, I wasn’t exactly the innocent one in this mess, I lied too, I lied to my friends and to myself. And I was wrong about all of it, I read everything wrong.

I was the complete opposite of my sister to be honest, Melanie was quite popular with the guys, and I was quiet, had one real boyfriend my whole life. That was sophomore year, and I was a senior now, almost eighteen. Don’t get me wrong I had boyfriends in between that time but nothing were like that one relationship sophomore year, I missed it in all honesty. But my sister never had a serious relationship, she was off and on, off and on, never let a guy keep her to himself, even when she could’ve had it. She just didn’t want it, she was weird. The only thing we had in common was the way we looked, identical besides the fact she’s a year older than me. Only slight difference in our appearance was the fact that I had freckles and Melanie was well, just pale. But guys always found Melanie more attractive and I guess that was because she knew how to not get caught in the friend zone. Which is why I asked for her help.

” Pass me the remote?” Louis nudged my shoulder trying to get my attention ” Katherine, Katherine, hello?”

” Sorry what?” I looked up to see his hair parted and pushed in thousands of different directions, he grabbed my shoulder.

” The remote?” He said softly letting out a chuckle ” You alright Katie? You’ve been acting strange.”

” I’m fine Lou, don’t worry.” I said assuring. But I wasn’t alright, I could never even tell him the fact that he made me feel like I used to my sophomore year, I could never tell him that I saw him more than just my best friend that dated my sister for four months. More than just that guy my mother loved and would make him welcomed in our home even though we are the most conservative family in London, because she just saw us as friends and nothing else. I wanted to but I couldn’t. But, I knew I could hide it, if there is one thing I’m good at it’s bottling up my feelings and lying about them. I was good at lying, Melanie taught me how, I was a pro by the age of twelve.

- Louis Tomlinson -

I’m not going to lie about the fact that she is beautiful, and I’m not going to say I never liked her in ‘that’ way. But, that was months ago almost a year really, but she was special too me. Katie would always be I would never call her perfect to her face but she was. To be honest if she asked me to describe her in a word i would more than likely say ’ up-beat’ or ’ goofy’ which I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t like too much. She would probably hit my shoulder or leg for my punishment but I couldn’t exactly help the feelings. But, I remind myself every time before I go see her, I through my feelings in a rocket and flew them to the moon, and to get my feelings back i’d have to go up to the moon to get them, and it wasn’t worth it right? Well, I didn’t think so, at least not now.

I nudged Katherine’s shoulder trying to receive attention but she was looking into space just gazing. Her grey eyes growing bigger into the vacant doorway besides the tele. Her long brown curls blowing from the wind of the fan on the opposite side of the room.

” Pass the remote?” She was still looking, just observing the doorway, I don’t know if she was zoned out or just ignoring me for nothing. ” Katherine, Katherine, hello?”

” Sorry what?” She jolted back towards me, I was worried about her, she never did this.

” The remote? You all right Katie? You’ve been acting strange lately.” I said with concern but she just reassured me she was okay and not to worry. But I knew when she was lying, something was wrong, and I guarantee it had something to do with Melanie, great..

I had to speak to Melanie about this but it would be completely awkward, i mean speaking with my ex girlfriend for the first time in months. I’m just going to talk to Mariah, she was her best friend. Katie’s best friend since they were little kids, they knew everything about each other, told each other everything, she had to know something. I was just so worried.
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