But I Do Love You More Than That

A crossed summer between eleven people with too many secrets, that suddenly become revealed, but they are to late to hide.


4. Chaos

Chapter 4: Chaos

But I Do Love You More Than That

Chapter 4: Chaos

- Jordyn Smith -

I was the most confused person at this point, I needed to know. I had to know if something had happened or not, I couldn’t let a secret breakdown any friendship. It was too valuable of a possession; friendship was all we had. We had each other and that’s what matters, and if we ended up falling in love that was great too. But friendship is so important in our lives. Imagine your life without it. You would have no one defending you, no one to be there for you when you needed it the most, and of course the one you truly loved would be there. The truth is though, the ones you truly love are your best friends, and without a friendship there was nothing there to support the back end of the relationship. Nothing at all. Which I suppose is the reason I am falling head over heels for one of my best friends. I never really admitted it to anyone, but they all knew, besides him. Niall was too carefree to realize a girl was really in love with him. Plus, he had Mariah with him every single second of every single day. Drama with her sticks with you for a good while, and I didn’t want to become her next target. I just wanted Niall, no drama, just a relationship that made others jealous. A relationship where people would ask if we are still together. Something bitter sweet, and blissfully perfect, and I thought we had it.

The only problem was at this point all I could do was sit and watch, until there was something that came out and I could fix it. So, tonight I’m just going to sit on the floor next to Niall, and watch a movie. It was the first day of summer, and Cleo and Harry weren’t freaking out, they were calm, they just need to be together already.

- Niall Horan -

Why was Mariah grinning so much? She sure was acting odd, but never mind her, this is our no drama summer, and I wasn’t really interested in any of it.

” What’s up with you?” Mariah giggled softly and looked up at me with her eyes gazing into mine, she was a barbie doll.

” Huh? Oh, nothing.” She shoved my shoulder towards the back of the couch to where my arm hit Aliah’s foot. She was siting in-between Zayn and Liam, Liam getting closer and Zayn pulling her more towards him. He was so protective.

” You’re a strange one.” I turned my face back towards the tele to show I was through with the conversation, when I caught Jordyn looking at me. I looked back down at the ground, and turned towards her cheeks turning a shade of pink. I nudged her arm and she just looked at me. Those big brown eyes just looked into mine, she was beautiful. I wasn’t going to deny the fact that she was. She was so naturally beautiful. I mean sure, Mariah was gorgeous, she was stunning. But, she was too much of a barbie to ever be my type, she was intimidating and I honestly don’t believe I could keep her happy. Jordyn, on the other hand was so simple and natural, barely any makeup. Just some slight mascara and eyeshadow, I had seen her with out make up on before and she was even more beautiful. Thank goodness her father doesn’t believe in makeup, I couldn’t even imagine her with a pound of makeup on.

I grabbed her shoulder on the opposite side of me and pulled her in towards my chest, messing up her long brown hair. Liam got quite upset that she squealed and we interrupted his movie time. He actually slapped me on the head, which messed up my hair, so I lost my grip on Jordyn in order to fix the messed up pieces.

” Seriously! ” She had the biggest grin on her face, from ear to ear. With that one chipped tooth, made her more adorable.

” You’ve got a little.” I said softly pointing to her hair that was turned a bit towards the other direction.

” You’re so, ugh.”

” That’s me, ugh, don’t wear my name out love.” I was basically laughing at my own joke when hell just broke lose. I didn’t see anything besides Harry running towards the kitchen. Jordyn popped up not caring about her messed up hair and sprinted across the flat.

” Cleo! Stop! It’s not worth it!” I immediately sprang up from my position to see what was happening, Jordyn and Harry were holding back Cleo, what the hell happened here? Cleo’s face had a scratch and her cheek had started to swell up, Mariah on the other hand was standing in the corner of the kitchen near the pantry crying.


” What the hell was that Jordyn?”, I barged into the back room her and Cleo had entered. Harry had passed me out his way of the room, he looked really concerned. She just looked up and her eyes got bigger, Cleo was in tears. I didn’t know what to do.

” Give me a second love.”

” Mhmm.” Cleo nodded in agreement and Jordyn patted her back and stood up coming towards me. She grabbed my t-shirt and pulled me into the narrow hallway.

” I will explain it all later, I promise.” She nodded and opened to door back up, she disappeared for hours before I saw her again.

- Mariah Hamilton -

It was my chance, I saw Cleo walk in to the kitchen, I had to go now, there was no time for waiting.

” You know whats funny?”

” Go away, I’m not joking”

” Now two things are funny.” I chuckled at myself, Cleo knew what was coming. ” It’s funny how you think I’m scared of you, but it’s even more hysterical that I know so much about your precious little personal life.” I walked towards the refrigerator and opened it up. ” Want a soda?”

” Stop.”

” Just being nice here love.” She was such a twat. ” Anyways, I got off topic. You see I happen to know about you and Harry, I know what you did, scandal might I add.”

” We didn’t do anything.”

” You almost did am I right? I believe I am right. Yes? Or did you do it?” Cleo just walked past me and ran into my shoulder, I just pushed her back.

The next thing that was happening was Cleo getting pulled off of me, I knew how to make this look like it was her fault.

- Jordyn Smith -

” Cleo! Stop! It’s not worth it!” It took all my strength to pull her away even with Harry helping, she was really fired up. Niall was standing over by Mariah, who was sitting near a corner crying her eyes out, but I know she wasn’t innocent in this, Cleo’s face was scratched and her cheek had already gotten puffy and red.

” No.. Jordyn let me go!” She was out of breath, she could barely breathe.

” No.” I pulled her back away and nodded my head towards the hallway to show Harry where to take her. We practically dragged her down that long narrow hallway and sat her in Liam’s room, the tears just stared falling out of her eyes. Something happened.

” You should’ve let her go.” Harry whispered, then bent down to sit on the bed and gave her the biggest hug and told her she was going to be okay. She nodded and sniffled, holding him tighter. Then, Harry had decided to leave, so we could talk, but on his way out Niall had began walking down the hallway and came into the room. Questioning, acting concerned about Mairah, I just told him I’d tell him everything later on in the day.

” So much for drama free.”

” She started it Jordyn, she edged me on.” She was telling the truth. I could tell just by the tone of her voice.

” What exactly was it about?” She looked down, like she had lied, with that guilty look in her big green eyes. ” Cleo?”

” Last summer.”

” You mean, you and Harry-“

” We didn’t though, I’m not lying, it didn’t happen.”

” But did you do anything at all?”

” Yeah, but we didn’t, you know, he respects me too much for that.”

” What?”

” Nothing big okay. You better promise me-“

” I promise.”


I found Niall outside sitting on the porch, he looked up at me, blue eyes looking up, I promised Cleo but I promised Niall I would tell him before I promised her.

” So?”

” Ugh.” I layed down on the wooden porch, he picked my back up and layed my head on his shoulder. ” It’s just so much, a fight because Harry and Cleo did something over the summer, which I wasn’t supposed to tell you, you’re best friend is probably the biggest bitch in the world, and I have these unrealistic expectations between everybody! And I cant let this summer go down in a bad way, we have to stay connected Niall! And I don’t know how to fix this one, and the fact that I just told you all of this is going to get me in deeper trouble with Cleo and Harry, and could quite possibly make me Mariah’s next target. I cant do it, and when Cleo find out that I told you-” Niall just stopped me and got in my face and pulled my lips closer to his until they met for the first time.

” Stop.” His eyes looked up in mine and he kissed my forehead.

” Niall..”

” Thats what you’ve been waiting for right, your ‘unrealistic expectations’?” He laughed and kissed me softly again, this was really happening.

- Niall Horan -

Yes, I kissed her, and yes she deserved every second of it.
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