But I Do Love You More Than That

A crossed summer between eleven people with too many secrets, that suddenly become revealed, but they are to late to hide.


7. Caught

Chapter 7: Caught

But I Do Love You More Than That

Chapter 7: Caught

- Mariah Hamilton -

I must admit it was quite an odd sensation, the feeling of apologizing. It was strange, but I felt like a better person for it, despite the fact that I am not the type of person to do so. I might as well change now right? But apologizing to one means I need to say sorry to every one. Especially Cleo, I know she hates me for what I did, but I feel terrible for doing it. I know for one thing, she is the last person I will be speaking to, she’s going to be a tough one to crack. I knew what I had to do, but first i had to say sorry for hurting Katherine. Katie was my best friend, and I cut her off, no communication had gone too or from in weeks, quite possibly even months. My plan was that when Zayn would drop me off at home tonight I would go in and sneak through the back door, going to Katherine’s house, it wasn’t full proof but it was worth a shot.


Zayn opened up the car door, being quite the gentlemen that evening he generously walked me up to my door. Holding my hand he pulled me closer up at the door, he was smiling like an idiot.

” This isn’t awkward?” I knew it was coming, that ‘are you comfortable with this?’ question.

” I don’t see a problem, Zayn, really.” I stood up on my tip toes, he was still taller than me with heels on, I kissed him sweetly then released my lips from his. He pulled my chin up and bent over to kiss me again, squeezing my hand then gentley releasing to walk back to his car. He always knew how to keep things short and sweet.

I opened my purple leather handbag and wondered for my key, finally finding it I unlocked the door quickly, threw off my heels and ran to the garage and threw myself into the tiny red car. I searched through the back seat to find flip flops then throwing them on, I put the car in reverse and I drove slowly drove down the long winding road leading to the Belle’s Estate.

Shortly after driving, I realized what an idiot I was for not planning this out. What if they’re not home, or Melaine answers the door, or Louis is there? Do I kill two birds with one stone? Or continue to just speak to the best friend who probably hates me by now, and her best friend who probably hates me at the same time because of what I did. Plus Her and Louis have a thing going on but its so idiotic because they won’t admit it to each other. What was I doing? Without even realizing how fast the ride had gone by I was in her drive way. The white Escalade was there, so her parents weren’t home, but the lights were on so someone was, and Louis’ small black car was sitting beside the garage. I drove up the drive way, looking up at the tall two story mansion, her living room was probably seven times the size of my whole apartment. They’re rich, but Katherine doesn’t brag or make people like her for her money, she just naturally has a good attitude and they’re just generally all nice people. Her father only owns 23 manufactures in 14 different countries.

Anxiously I walked up to the large mahogany door and rang the door bell, I knew what i was going to say, but no one answered. the lights were on? And I specifically remember the time her mom made me turn off the hall light when we were leaving. Maybe Katie knew it was me and didn’t want to answer it. Luckily i remembered where the spare key was hidden, right under the flower pot. I unlocked the door quietly and all I could hear was Louis yelling, but the voice yelling back wasn’t Katie.

” Katie?” I wondered through the kitchen, then I hear someone talking upstairs. That wasn’t Katie and that I was positive about. I quietly walked up the spiraling staircase.

” Mariah?” Louis sharply looked up at me in confusion. ” How’d you get in?”

” I have a key.” I held up the silver key into the light near my face.

” Oh, right.” I knew he was here, but I didn’t realize he wasn’t wearing a shirt until he had walked into the bathroom, what the hell was going on? I wandered into the long, wide hallway to see Melanie’s door open and the light dimmed. I peaked my head in, to see Melanie under her sheets and her shirt on the floor. This changes everything.

” Mel.”

” How the hell- “

” I know where the key is. Where’s Katie?”

” With mum, they went to a banquet for dad’s job, I didn’t feel like going.”

” I can see why.”

” Can can we talk down stairs?”

- Melanie Belle -

I went down the stairs and sat not the couch with Mariah, how was I going to explain this?

” Louis and I-“

” Shouldn’t be doing this, you know how katie feels, out of all people you know, what kind of sick person does this!” She cut me off instantly.

” I bet you would, just to get the mixing pot sturring.”

” I actually came here to apologize to your sister and Lou.” I looked down and tugged at me t-shirt.

” He likes me.”

” He’s using you to get Katherine jealous because she doesn’t know what to do about anything, she’s clueless. Mel, cheating on Nick won’t solve anything, you’re ruining your relationship with all three of them.”

” You don’t know everything.”

” I know this.”

” We dated before, having my younger sister date him would be ridiculous.”

” She’s confused! Louis acts weird around her because she doesn’t know his feelings, and when she find out about this -“

” You’re not teling her.”

” Yes I am. I am so terribly sorry, but I am. ” She stormed out the door with a sort of rage I hadn’t seen before, I couldn’t explain this to Katie, nor Lou or Nick, everything was ruined. I no longer had my sister or boyfriend. But, the more I thought the more I realized he wanted Katie to find out. When ever he’d come over to ‘hang out’ he did it right before she’d get home form work. Probably just hoping she’d walk in and make a mess of things, and he would be the hero to fix everything and share his feelings and they’d live happily ever after. He made her so happy. I’m a terrible sister.
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