hope you enjoy again its for a school contest hope i win but up against this :




    wherever i go eyes fest opon, my spooky clothes that ive got on, just "cus" i wear a lot of black, doesnt meen im "evil" that ill "attack", the constant reminders im getting told, you look a bit pale have you got a cold? are you goth,emo or sceene? (ofcouse i have to be one of the three!) i reply with : neither im just who i am! they get confused and start to exam, i try to explain  but they have to small a brain, so i break it down , as there staring at my dark grey gown, taking in not a single  word, so -surprise-im not being herd, and yet the next day they still have the nerve , to call me a goth as they clearly dont observe, so then came a day when i questioned them, "what type of goth am i then?" punk,lolita.cybergoth? and then all i got was a huff and a puff. this went on for quite a few days, there never get out of there stupid ways, until the day of halloween but no one's herd from them not even seen, yet there's rumors that some people herd the screams, such a tragic way to go if only they would of known! dont mess with a goth!      
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