Best Friend's Brother

A 19 year old girl named Emily(Em) discovers that maybe love at first sight can be real.Just when she was thinking about giving up on love,she finds a boy who is perfect.With her best friend Charolette(Cher),finds out who Emily is in love with,Cher Doesnt really get bothered about it.Shes happy for her brother and her best friend.


2. Sometimes We Have No Clue On What We’re Doing.

Emily’s POV

“That did’nt happen,i just…Tripped over my own foot,that basically means i did not ‘Fall for him’”My best friend Cher told me and then started to laugh.
“Okay,okay,but it kind of does mean you kind of did…….”I said and laughed.

“No,no,no,no,no I dont wanna go!!!”Cher said.
“come on Cher,you said you were going to do this 3 months ago,that you would walk up to David and actually try to talk to him.”I told her.
“Okay fine”Cher sighed.
Cher walked up to her crush David and tried to actually say somthing to him.She was walking over and tripped on her own foot.
“Oh…My…God…Cher are you okay?!?”I asked and ran up to her.She wasnt embarrased she started to laugh like crazy.Everyone was staring and laughing.She did get David to notice her.
End Of Flashback

Cher had a brother,his name was Niall.He was in a band called One Direction?I dont know.They’ve been on tour for 8 months now….The weird thing is I never met him.He was coming back today.Cher said that she’s going to Englandwith him when he goes with his other band mates who are already there.I havent really talked to Cher about Niall.I really want to ask now though.

“Uh,Cher?” I asked.
“Yeah,whats up Em?”She asked and looked at me
“Not to be nosey,rude or anything,but…. why havent I met Niall?”I asked Quietly.
“Em,I honestly dont know.He was always with his friends when you came I guess.”She replied.
“why do you ask?”Cher asked.
“Oh just ’cause…”I answered.
" Hey do you want to go somewhere?"Cher asked me randomly.
“Um sure…..where do you want to go?”
“The Mall!!!”Cher said loudly.Shes a total shopoholic.With out even waiting for me to answer she pulled me out the door and to the mall.
“Cher!!!At least let me grab my purse!”I told her.
“oh yeah….I forgot.”she said
“Oh yeah…..”I mimeked her.
We walked in and grabbed our purses.We got in Cher’s car and drove to the mall.As we were driving there the song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift.Cher and I loved that song.We satrted to sing.

“I remember when we broke up, hte first time,saying this is it i’ve had enough,‘cause like we havent seen each other in a month,when you said you needed ’space’…….And we are never ever ever ever getting back together”Right after the song ifnsihed Cher and I looke dat each other with serious faces and then started to laugh.Ever sincer i asked Cher about Niall she compleatly was acting weird,but then again shes always like that.

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