Best Friend's Brother

A 19 year old girl named Emily(Em) discovers that maybe love at first sight can be real.Just when she was thinking about giving up on love,she finds a boy who is perfect.With her best friend Charolette(Cher),finds out who Emily is in love with,Cher Doesnt really get bothered about it.Shes happy for her brother and her best friend.


1. Prolouge

My name is Emily,Em for short.I Live in Ireland,alone.See, my parents both passed away in a car crash when I was 7.My mum gave me a Necklace and a ring that said “Believe” and told me that I can go for what ever I want and I cant let anybody change that.Ever since the car crash I was living with my aunt.I moved out when I was 17.Im 19 now.I have a best friend.Her name is Charolette,Cher for Short.I’ve known her since,forever.We’re like sisters.She’s been there for me all the time and I’ve been there for her.

I’ve fallen in love SO many times,and most of my relationships have been bad.I dont believe in “Love At First Sight.” I just dont,I never had.Ever.


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