Best Friend's Brother

A 19 year old girl named Emily(Em) discovers that maybe love at first sight can be real.Just when she was thinking about giving up on love,she finds a boy who is perfect.With her best friend Charolette(Cher),finds out who Emily is in love with,Cher Doesnt really get bothered about it.Shes happy for her brother and her best friend.


3. Love At First Sight?

Emily’s POV

We got to the mall.It looked pretty busy today.We got out of Cher’s car and walked in.

2 Hours Later

I have no clue on how many things Cher and I bought but we had like millions of bags.We drove back to Cher’s place.About a few minutes later we heard the doorbell ring.Cher was upstairs doing something but I dont know what,so I answeared the door.
“Coming!”I yelled through the other side of the door.I opened the door and htere stood a blue-eyed blonde boy.
“Oh…….Uh,hi.”I managed to say and simled.
“Hello,Im Niall.Is Cher there?”He asked.
“Oh……Cher?Uh yeah she upstairs…..I’m Emily.Come in.”I said and started to blush.I think im falling in love with him.Maybe im wrong about love at first sight.

“Em,who was at th-Niall!”Cher screamed and ran down the stairs.She ran up to Niall and hugged him and almost tackled him to the ground"I missed you so much!"She said and hugged him even tighter.
“Emily,this is my brother Niall,Niall,this is my best friend Emily.Im guessing you guys alreay met because of the door and yeah…….”She said.“So,Niall how was the tour?”Cher asked.
“It was great,we met a lot of wonderful fans.”Niall answered.
Niall,Cher and I talked for a while.Im really,really starting to like Niall.His clue eyes and his adorable laugh.Im falling for him wtich is weird because hes my best friend’s brother.

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