Summer Romance

Tienna and her best friend Camille are staying in a beach house in Hawaii, when they find out that the group in the house next to them are the boys of One Direction. What will happen between Tienna and Harry, and who will Camille fall for?


1. The Beach House

 "Camille!" I yelled.

"I'm going down to the water, come on!" . 

I heard footsteps coming towards me, she came out of her bedroom already in her bikini. Her blinding neon yellow one with a blinding neon pink design. I had my baby blue one on, with short ripped shorts and my black ray-bans.

We headed out, not worrying about flip flops. When we got the water, we set out our towels and put our clothes on them. I pulled my long brown hair into a ponytail and walked into the water until I was knee high and waited for Camille. "Coming!" She said, finishing off her braid.

She came to the water and walked in, splashing me on the way. I didn't feel like drying my hair when I went back to the beach house, but decided to go under anyway. I ducked my head under the crystal clear. It was definitely refreshing. I come up to find Camille swimming farther out. I swim behind her, pushing her under. 

She comes up laughing, wiping water off her face. "Thanks." She said to me sarcastically, laughing at herself. 

We got out about 10 minutes later. We we walked to our towels, sand sticking to us. We had only been here for not even 24 hours. We got here last night. Neither of us had any idea who were in the other 6 houses or if they were empty. I didn't imagine they would be empty, they're very nice, expensive houses. I would definitely recommend it.  

I turned around as I heard screaming coming from one of the houses. The one right next to ours in fact. Oh great... I thought. Probably a bunch of rowdy boys to just be a bother.

We both turned around, not worrying too much about it. Until I turned around once more and saw who was coming out of the house... Now I was concerned.

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