Christmas Is Coming

This Storey Is About A Family Of 5 People 2 Adults With 3 Children Who Have There Ups And Downs.


1. The Dark Night

One Night The West Family Had Been Putting Up There Christmas Tree. They All Had Christmas Trees In There Bedroom's And They All Enjoyed Decorating There House Ready For Christmas. In This Family Were Millie West The Mother Of The Family, Michael West The Father Of The House,  Megan West Who Was The Oldest She Was 13 Years Old, Logan Who Was 9 And He Was The Middle Aged Child And Last Was The Youngest Jaxon He Was 5 Years Old.  Megan One Day Was Out With Her Friends By The Canal When She Felt Something, She Looked Up And   Saw Little Snowflakes Falling To The Ground. Megan Was Quite A While Away From Her House And She Looked At Her Phone And The Time Showed '7pm' She Said To Her Friend Suzie

''Listen Suzie I Have To Go Home It's 7pm And I Was Due Home At 4:30pm''

Suzie Turned To Look At Megan And She Looked At Her In A Strange Way''

''What Is It?'' Megan Exclaimed

''Nothing Megan I Just Saw The Shape Of A Snowflake Land On Your Head'' Said Suzie Strangely Looking At He Head When Megan Saw That The Time Had Gone To '7:15' She Ran Off Down The Path Next To The Canal

Megan Had Been Walking For Nearly 5 Minutes Now And She Had Then Felt Her Phone Vibrate She Looked At It And Saw It Was Millie Her Mum She Then Clicked 'Decline' She Then Finally Reached Home To See Her Mother Crying At The Dinner Table Waiting For Megan To Come Home As She Shut The Door Her Mother's Face Slightly Smile.

''Where Have You Been?'' Her Mother Cried 

''Mum I Told You I Was Going To Suzie's House For The Day But You Didn't Listen''

''Well At least Your Safe Young Lady Now Off To Bed!''

That Night Megan Learnt That It Wasn't Safe At Night...But What Will Happen Tomorrow? 

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