Death's Angels

Death doesn't act alone. Evil has it's demons and good has it's angels. But the gray neutral inbetween, death has it's own angels. Men and women in black uniforms, and their scythes sharp and ready. The reapers. But there's something brewing, and death will have to stop the conflict.

Can they stop a war between heaven and hell?


1. Hosiptals

Hospitals are horrible places. It may seem pretty obvious to you, but I maintain that statement almost every time I have to enter one. The machines hooked up the walls, beeping and blurring forever.

But death never hangs in a hospital. I walked throughout the clean sterile hallways, my black converse heels clicking against the cold white tiles. People rushed past, doctors with stethoscopes rushing to get to another room, nurses with trolleys full of food or syringes and drugs. But they paid me no attention.

After all, they couldn’t see me anyway.

I think the most distressing things are the families. They sat huddled in corners, on seats in the hallways, crying or gripping others. It attracted demons in their droves. They swarmed the hallways, feeding off the sorrow, the defeat. Red wisps flying around them. And they pray for angels. It makes me sick.

But there’s never anything I can ever do to stop it. So, I continued walking, flicking away the wisps that even dared to come near me. Not that many either, which was good.

Signs of emergency wards cropped even more as I walked further into the building. Everything became gradually darker, more forbidding. Until then, I reached the emergency operations room. Lights blurring everywhere, and desperate shouts to the sound of a continuous bleep were the greetings I received as I stepped into the room.

A girl lay on the table, her chest cut open, and blood leaking out everywhere. Bloody knives lay by her side, another girl sat on the table crying. Her blonde hair curled into a bun, splattered with blood. The tears she cried were stained red from the blood on her face, as she choked out “Take me away from here.”

“You do understand where I’m going to take you?” I asked, sitting down on the red sheets, and she nodded, her breath hitching in her throat. “You’re to finish me off, aren’t you?” she asked to confirm what she already knew, and I nodded.

And with a wordless plea, she kisses a small silver cross hanging from her neck. I opened my mouth to reassure her, but there was nothing I needed to say. No apology, no refusal. I stood up, the heels clicking as I did, offered the girl my hand and smiled.

She took it, gripping it like a drowning man clutches a straw. And the tell tale white whisps encircled her, not that many at first, before the surrounded her and she disappeared. A black mark was left on the fading sphere where I had touched it.

And then the doctors faces dropped. She was gone. A single nurse walked out of the operating room, and to the family waiting outside. I didn’t hear what she said, but I noticed a single black tear fall to the floor after she’d spoken.

And to the sound of crying, I smiled and walked back outside to the sound of despair. Shame they don’t know how much pain it would of caused to leave their daughter here.

It was like a weight off my shoulders leaving the hospital. I could breathe easier. And like he said, he was waiting there. Sat on the monument to some famous dead person, his scythe sparkling in the light, he smirked as he saw me.

“Raven, you took ya time.”

“Shut up. Like you’re any better.”

He grinned, and dropped down, his pretty long black hair falling over his eyes. He was very pale, then again, we were all pale. Death isn’t a picture of health. He was tall though. Very very skinny and very very tall. Like something that would hang over your bed at night and give you nightmares, a monster.

“Anyways, Death would like to see ya.”


“I dunno. But if the big guy wants to see you…”

“Alright, I’ll see you later Blur.”

And with that, he disappeared into a cloud of black. And I clicked my fingers, feeling the familiar shroud of darkness enveloped me, closed my eyes and disappeared into the blackness and the land of the dead.

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