Death's Angels

Death doesn't act alone. Evil has it's demons and good has it's angels. But the gray neutral inbetween, death has it's own angels. Men and women in black uniforms, and their scythes sharp and ready. The reapers. But there's something brewing, and death will have to stop the conflict.

Can they stop a war between heaven and hell?


2. Death

Death is a great fan of nightshade. He makes a killer wine with the berries, poison to lips of mortals, a drop seals death. But to us, it's like the finest red wine. We use it as both. Angels seem to hate it as well and demons seem to despise it. It's our greatest poison and a pretty fine drink too.

I smirked and walked up to the garden, stepping on the various ruined stones with castles with moss growing upon the cracked surface. It made a subtle click, and I couldn't wait to taste the berries again.

"Raven! Dear, I haven't seen you centuries!" A voice shouts from inside the garden, and a pale young man stood up. "Death!" I cried back, and ran up, nearly tripping over a fallen monument. He chuckled, and it became apparent as I got closer, Death did not look like any man I'd seen. He was half skeleton, flesh trying to invade and claim the bone that created the left side of his body. One could see the blood and veins flowing if you look from the side, and you could see a couple of veins rouge and intruding on his skeletal face.

"My girl! I've missed you!" He shouted while giving me a hug. I smiled broadly as I hugged him back. "I've missed you too." I whispered, and hung in his arms for a short while. He let go first and stepped back, and I smiled. "How have you been getting along with your brothers and sisters?"

I looked down and scuffed my converse. "That's all the proof I need. Raven..."

I looked up, and glared. "I'm going."
"Martin will be missing me."
"Right then. Be careful with that boy."

I looked him in the eye and nodded, before clicking my fingers and disappearing. And reappearing in a child's bedroom. The child sat on the bed looked up, his sky blue eyes twinkling with joy "Raven!"
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