Daddy wont know.

Hi Meagan here. I am 16 years old and i am a daddy's girl. Right now it is summer. When i meet this guy at a party what will happen?? Read to find out lovelies.xx (PS Yes there is a story with this title and i really loved the story by "Jayla Quaaid" so i decieded to make my own version <3 #nohate.) is original story if you want to read it (:


3. What happened last night?-3

(Meagan's Pov)

I woke up in the bathroom? Naked? By a boy. Wait Zayn. Malik. Wtf. Shit did we do it?

I got up and found my clothes and put them on. I checked my phone and had like 27393382748/9;7:0483937402749740200002828373849484848 missed calls. From my dad. Shitttt! I called him back.

"Hello?" He said.

"Dad I can explain," I said.

"What do you mean meg I just wanted to tell you some important news so hurry home."

"Okay bye dad love you."

(Zayn's Pov)

I have a huge headache. I took some pills and then heard a female voice.

"Okay bye dad love you."

" Have a good time last night?" I asked.

She was good tight- but good.


(Meg's Pov)

Shit we did have sex. All the memories flooded my head. It was fucking amazing.

"I have to get home."

"Okay bye love, can I see your phone?"

I handed him mine and he handed me his and we exchanged numbers.

"Bye love."

A/n sorry is short but I'll work on the next one immediately
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