Daddy wont know.

Hi Meagan here. I am 16 years old and i am a daddy's girl. Right now it is summer. When i meet this guy at a party what will happen?? Read to find out lovelies.xx (PS Yes there is a story with this title and i really loved the story by "Jayla Quaaid" so i decieded to make my own version <3 #nohate.) is original story if you want to read it (:


2. The party.-2 (warning sexual 15+)

I let my friend talk me into going to a Party  at Zayn Malik's House. She handed me a plastic cup and told me to drink it. I was really thirsty, so I did. "This isn't freaking water Riley," I worriedly said. "Yeah I know it's beer." Fuck. Whatever . I drank all of it and got more. I was drunk by my 2nd cup. We were all playing truth or dare  and I played too. "Meagan Truth or dare??" "Dare." What was I thinking. "I dare you and Zayn to go into the bedroom and do whatever for umm, 15, er no.. 20 minutes." Zayn got up and led me to his bedroom.  He immediately started kissing my neck and i moaned. He smiled against my neck and started kissing lower and moved his hands up my thigh. I groaned and pulled him closer he kissed he and I hungrily kissed back. We made out for 5 minutes and then deepens our bond. He started to take off my clothes and I let him and I undressed him. We were both in our under clothes untitled he unfasten my bra and pulled down my panties. He pulled his boxers off and then asked if I was ready. "Mhmm" he moved his hands up my thighs until he was by my area. He massaged my area before pushing 2 fingers in. I gasped and I could just see the smirk on his face. He pushed another finger into me and started circling. "Wanna finish this when people leave." "Yeah sure." I was actually disappointed I wanted him. "Well it 5:00, so people will leave if I tell them. I'll be right back." He dressed himself and went out. I could hear him tell everyone to leave. He came back and asked " Where was I?" He pulled off his clothes again and I could feel his boner when he hugged me. He fingered me again and then pulled into me. I moaned. He started adding speed and it hurt. He didn't stop he added even more speed I was like dieing but I loved the feeling of him. We were both sweating by now. He kissed me and I smiled. He was still thrusting his hips when his phone rang he groaned but didn't answer he just kept thrusting. He went hit into me really hard one last time, then pulled out. He answered his phone and carried me to the bathroom. He started the shower and set down his phone. When it was warm he carried me in and we had a little fun in the shower if you know what I mean(; End do you like it??xx

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