Modernist Poetry

In G&T we are currently studying modernism. As my main project I am researching modernist architecture however as a sub-subject I am doing modernsist poetry.
I will put some on here and any feedback would be great so that I can improve for my overally project.


3. Three

A black violent war has rocked this realm,

And terrible deeds have been done,

By that chirpy milkman who comes to your street,

Now a hero to his mum,

This may perplex little Tommy Spencer,

Who was taught that killing is bad,

For some deeds that he is forbidden,

Were commited by his dad.

 *A/N by the way, for those of you who don't know.  Modernism was thought of after the first then during the second world war.  it was all about not knowing what was righ or wrong.  Read this poem again with that in mind and hopefully it will make more sense*

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