Daily Story Challenge-Month 2-Flames and Fury

This is the second month of my story challenge. Slight rule change, seen as I made this up and I'm not following rules written by someone else. Enjoy! :D (Complete.)


1. Introduction

Welcome to the second installment of my one-year Daily Story Challenge. This Month's theme is all about flames and their fiery destruction, so if you can't stand the heat-get out of the kitchen! :D


Slight change in rules, and a few notes:

1. The amount for a story-shot is changed from 100 words to five lines, regardless of the words, as that is the minimum for poems.

2. The cover will be up shortly. (Obviously, this notice will be outdated once it is.)

3. I swear to keep up except in extreme circumstances this time. Not in the event of the world blowing up, because, unless you're reading from Mars or the Moon, you won't be alive to check anyway. I mean in cases of medical or family issues. Or my teachers going homework-happy and giving me 2 pieces of homework every lesson. Which makes 50 pieces of homework if they do it for a whole week. Time-consuming much?


Now that's over with, enjoy!

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