Daily Story Challenge-Month 2-Flames and Fury

This is the second month of my story challenge. Slight rule change, seen as I made this up and I'm not following rules written by someone else. Enjoy! :D (Complete.)


28. Day 27

Fear took her muscles captive. Adrenaline pumped through her veins. The causes? Rickety bridge. Lava. She shuffled from the edge of the cliff onto the first rotting plank, attached to the others only by rotting nails and worn rope. Lava clambered up the walls of the chasm, ebbing its way towards her. It was now or never. The bridge swayed beneath her feet, and fright bolted through the girl, but it soon ceased. Focusing on her destination, she muttered to herself,

"Few more steps... Few more steps..."


The lava was inches away from her feet, snapping at the bridge. She scrambled forward, forgetting her worries for the weak structure of the bridge. And that was her mistake. Planks began to fall from underneath her, rope becoming sucked into the all-consuming fiery liquid. Beads of sweat trickled down her forehead.


A sizzling behind the girl stole her attention. She turned round, hands clinging to the rope either side of her. And that's when bridge tore in two.

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