Daily Story Challenge-Month 2-Flames and Fury

This is the second month of my story challenge. Slight rule change, seen as I made this up and I'm not following rules written by someone else. Enjoy! :D (Complete.)


27. Day 26

Damp. Cold. Two words to ddescribe the cave I'm curled up in. I don't know who's reading this, but I give you one message-never play with fire. Apart from the obvious danger, and the fact that it won't be 'just a joke' when someone gets hurt, it leaves scars. Like mine. No, no, I'm perfectly fine on the outside-but I can never bring myself to look into those amber tendrils again. Not even a candle. So that's why I'm sitting in this dreary cave, chilled to the core, haunted by memories of the past. Fires aren't fun. They're a ferocious fiend.

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