Daily Story Challenge-Month 2-Flames and Fury

This is the second month of my story challenge. Slight rule change, seen as I made this up and I'm not following rules written by someone else. Enjoy! :D (Complete.)


15. Day 14

"I don't see why you want them back, they're so..." my friend began, trailing off as they realized they were being ever so slightly insensitive. Or were going to be. The charred toy lay limp in my hand, one of the few remaining items that weren't in ashes on the floor of the nursery. At least the bodies had gone.

"I'd rather have them annoying me than dead. Please try to understand," I smiled feebly at them, tucking the burnt little doll carefully into my pocket. And, somehow, I can't help but hope that the Egyptians were right about material possessions being carried through to the afterlife.

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