Daily Story Challenge-Month 2-Flames and Fury

This is the second month of my story challenge. Slight rule change, seen as I made this up and I'm not following rules written by someone else. Enjoy! :D (Complete.)


2. Day 1

A house on a rundown street, noise blaring from those around it. Something flickered in one of the upstairs windows. A flame, a tiny, glowing ember. That ember grew, spiralling into a blaze as big as the room. It spread heat and suffocating smoke, casting a warning to all its victims. ‘I’m coming’. It twisted and turned and made its way down to the window. The window shook until it shattered and sprayed glass everywhere. It sounded as though a million seagulls were charging past; their combined footfalls and cries created the calamity. The blaze was devouring the house. It had begun to ebb away at the bricks outside, snapping its fiery teeth at the gutter, looming over the next floor. A thick, black condensation clung to the windows, nevertheless, the fire raged on. It cracked the windows on the middle floor, which fell to the window ledges in shards.


It roared and bellowed. It incinerated the house until a towering fireball was all that could be seen. It whirled all around and took over the night sky. There were no longer peaceful evening skies and regular clouds, but dense clusters of soot and smoke, and nothing but flame. A distant cry for help rang out into the blistering heat, followed by the cries of pain and the final breath of death’s next victim. No sooner had that happened than the world seemed to spin, as fire encased it, swallowing it whole.

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