Imagine if anyone whats one then just ask and i will be happy to do one for you just ask what you want in it and who you want in it thank you


7. Imagine #7 (Harry Styles)

it's your first time going to cheshire and you're very nervous. once the plane lands harry takes you on a tour. you cant believe how beautiful it is and how nice the people are. walking down the street with harry's arm around your side you see a familiar little shope. its the bakery he used to work at. you look at harrys face as he sees the tiny building. his eyes fill with teats as he remembers his life before one direction. " can we stop by for a minute" " of course we can" harry opens the door for you and then walks up to the counter. " hello" he calls. familiar faces come from the back of the back room and open the counter's door. they give him a big hug and then harrys introdces you. " this is my amazing fiance" you're confused because harrys never proposed to you. harry then gets down on one knee as he opens a box. " id like to ask you to come on this journey with me. i know that no matter where i am in life i need you by my side whether im in a bakery or performing for thousands of people. i love you and i want to know if you will be my mrs styles" you say yes and he slides the diamond ring on your finger. he stands up to give you a hug. everyone is taking pictures and you notice liam, then niall. you see zayn talking to louis and laugh because you realize harry planned the whole thing. " sorry lou" you say he smiles as he says. " its okay ill share with you" harry then kisses you and everyone cheers.

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