Imagine if anyone whats one then just ask and i will be happy to do one for you just ask what you want in it and who you want in it thank you


22. Imagine #21 (Harry)

   ”Ow!!” I yell and yank the curling Iron that was in my hand down.I look in the mirror and there was already a pink burn on the side of my neck.”Ugh..that’s great..” I sigh.I was going on my first date with Harry Styles and I wanted it to be amazing.We’ve been friends for about 8 months and I thought that was all we were.So I was completely shocked when he asked me out,but I was thrilled even more.I was about to pick up the curling iron again when I heard a knock on the door.


   ”What!?! He wasn’t suppossed to be here until 8:00!” I thought,checking the time on my phone.It was 6:49.I walked to the front door,and opened it.”Hey I’m sorry I’m almost fi-“I say before I get a good look at the person standing in front of me.It wasn’t Harry.It was my best friend,Isabella.A wave of relief rushed over me.”OH!Thank god..I thought you were Harry” I say,pulling her inside and hugging her.”Ha!You think I’d let you go out with A cute celebrity without me as a second opinion”Isabella replies,hugging me back.”Nice to know you have faith in my choices”I scoff,jokingly.”Well Don’t you blame me?What happened to your hair Evelyn!?” “I didn’t finishhhhhh” I say, walking with her into my bedroom.I sat on the bed and Isabella picked up the curling iron I had set down earlier.”I guess I’ll do it.” She smiles.

   After Isabella finished she walked over to my closet stood there a minute.She pulled out a tight,black lace dress.”This!! Wear this!” “No.” “Why nooooott” She pouted “Because..It too short” “Then why did you buy it?” “You gave that to me,Izzy”I laughed .She groaned and turned back to face the closet.”So what are you gonna wear,Ev?” “Well I don’t know…I mean I have this dress that I got a few weeks ago..” “Go put it on!”


   ”Oh my god.” Isabella said when I walked out of the bathroom in the dress.”What? Does it look bad??” I ask,looking down at the dress.”NO!! God No! You look gorgeous!!”Isabella answered.I smiled and looked at my phone again.It was 8:17 now.I sighed and sat down on my bed with Izzy.”Don’t worry,Ev.He’ll show up,He’d be stupid not too.And Besides even if he doesn’t show,I’m gonna have to ask you out cuz you look so Hot” Isabella reassured me.My laugh was interupted by a knock on the door.I practically run to the door.”Aww…..Looks like Mr.Styles is here to sweep MY date off her feet” Izzy laughed,following me.

   My heart was pounding once I got to the door.I glanced in the mirror and turned the knob.”I’m so sorry I’m late I wa-” Harry stopped and his eyes fell on me.Now,feeling self consious with him staring at me I asked,”Whats wrong?” “Nothing You just look amazing,”  ”Oh..I would’ve gotten here earlier but I was getting you these” He said as he handed me a bouquet of roses.I felt my face flush as I took them.”Aw Thank you.You didn’t have to do that,Haz,especially not for me” “Of course I did,you deserve it.Ready to go?”.I smile and Nod.

   Most of the ride to the restaurant had been quiet.Then I noticed Harry kept looking over at me and grinning that big,stupid,adorable,dimple-y grin.”Is there something you need,Harold,Or do you always creepily grin at your dates?”I asked,jokingly.He laughed,”I can’t help it,I’m just excited?” “for?” “This date.” “But you’ve been on a lot of first dates before..” “Not with you”. I couldn’t help but smile as Harry pulled into the parking lot.


   The restaurant was crowded, but hardly anybody was in the back where our table was.Harry and I talked for a while and I couldn’t stop laughing.At one point I had choked on my water.”Are you alright?”Harry chuckled “I think I’ll live” I grinned.When it was finally time to order we both got a steak with steamed vegtables.”So what are the boys doing tonight?” I asked,cutting into my steak.”Nothing I don’t think,Niall keeps texting me asking about the date” He answered,smiling.I was about to say something when Harry’s phone started to ring.”I’m sorry,Now he’s calling me” He said,looking at his phone.”Wait answer it,tell him that the date was horrible” I said.Harry grinned and put the phone to his ear.”Hey man” “Yeah,It was horrible”.He giggled then looked up at me and winked.I laughed.”She was really rude,I was shocked” Harry continued.”That’s what I though too,mate” “I don’t want to talk about it!!” He yelled into the phone,trying to sound upset.Harry hung up the phone and That’s when we both lost it.I don’t know how long we were laughing before the manager came over to our table.”Excuse me,I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you all to leave,we’ve been getting complaints from other customers.”Oh ha uh that’s fine.We’re sorry”Harry said,his face still red from laughing.Once the manager left,Harry paid the check and we left.

  “Well that was interesting”I said as we left the restaurant.”It’s going to be all over the internet.’Harry Styles and girlfriend cause huge disturbance and get kicked out of restaurant’” Harry said.”Girlfriend?” I asked,surprised “Oh.sorry I just um I’m sorry” Harry said, as his cheeks turned bright red.”Don’t be.I was just surprised to hear it,I thought you didn’t like me that way.” “Really?You couldn’t tell? I’ve practically been in love with you ever since we met,but I was to nervous to ask you out.”. My heart started beating faster and faster as he went on.”I couldn’t imagine wanting anything more than you.You’re my bestfriend,You’re everything to me.You’re the only thing I want.”he finished. I stood there and looked at Harry.His eyes were wide and his cheeks now only a soft pink.His lips where slightly parted.I couldn’t think of words to say because all I was thinking about was what I wanted to do.So I did that instead.I put my hands on his shoulders and I kissed him.He seemed surprised but then he kissed me back.When I pulled back,I couldn’t stop smiling and neither could Harry “Well that was interesting”Harry said.We both laughed.

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