Imagine if anyone whats one then just ask and i will be happy to do one for you just ask what you want in it and who you want in it thank you


2. Imagine #2 ( Harry styles for Chloe )

You have been dating Harry for about 1 month now he takes you on this date. He pulls up at your house on time just like he said he would you haven't seen Harry in about 2 weeks. You go over and open the door.

Harry: Chloe I missed you so much
Me: I missed you to Harry so what are we doing today
Harry: it's a surprise I can't tell you
Me: I hate your surprises
Harry: why I give good surprises
Me: the last time that you were taking me to a surprise was when you took me and the guys with their girlfriends camping and you said that it was going to be fun
Harry: and it was fun and we had our own little make out fun
I just rolled my eyes and we lefted.

After about an hour drive we finally got to this big field it looked I have been here before when I was a younger kid with my brother Louis I never came back becuase our mom and dad split and Louis went with dad and I stayed with mom.

Harry: Chloe are you okay
Me: what oh ya I'm fine Harry come let's go
I just pushed that thought out of my head and Harry took my hand and we went and sat down on the grass.

Harry: Chloe are you sure your okay because you can tell me anything
Me: it's just that I have been here before I haven't been back since I was 7
Harry: is it okay if I ask why you haven't been
Me: me and my brother came here all the time with are mom and dad but when I was 7 our mom and dad split up and he went with dad and I stayed with mom and I haven't seen or heard from him since
Harry: I'm sorry Chloe but maybe you will see him again I mean you are only 16
I just nodded my head then we layed down on the grass toghther.

Harry: I love you
Me: I love you more
Harry: that's not possible
Me: yes it is I love you way more
Harry rolled on top of me
Me: Harry get off of me
Harry: I will if you say that I love you way more
Me: fine then you love me way more
He lend down and kissed me
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