Imagine if anyone whats one then just ask and i will be happy to do one for you just ask what you want in it and who you want in it thank you


20. Imagine #19 (Niall)

"we’re not broken just bent, And we can learn to love again."

“Hailey!” Niall said from the bed, running his hands through his thick bleached hair. You said nothing. Tears ran down your smooth cheeks as you slid a jacket over your slim body. “I don’t know what’s worse.” You said turning and looking at him. “What you say, or the fact that you only say it in your sleep.” You continued. You waited but he didn’t say anything.  Letting a sigh slip through your lips you sat down on the edge of the bed.

When you closed your eyes you saw him. His shocking blue eyes, his messy blonde hair, his dorky smile.  He was so charming. He didn’t have to do much at all because you were already so willing to be his. How could you not be? He was talented and successful but still so humbled. He was so smitten by you as well. The boys always pointed out to you how happy you made him. The media adored you as a couple too. You had everything.

You opened your eyes, using the sleeve from your jacket to dry away the tears. “How did we get here?” you mumbled. Niall frowned. The sadness of your voice was always enough to break him down. “What do you mean?” he looked at you.

“I mean we fight over the littlest things. I lay awake in the middle of the night and you say things in your sleep about how ‘you’ve had enough’ and I don’t understand it.” Your blue-green eyes started to fill up with tears again.

“I-I’m just stressed out…” he hesitated. He moved the thick blankets out of his way and reached for your small figure. He pulled you close to him and held you tightly. “I’m sorry.” He mumbled. “The tour, the media… I don’t sleep enough and - ” He said with his thick Irish accent before you cut him off. You pulled away from him.

“Am I too much?” you asked. 

“No!” he protested. “Hailey, I love you.” He pushed your light brown hair aside. “I’m going to fix this.” he said pulling you back into him. 

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