Imagine if anyone whats one then just ask and i will be happy to do one for you just ask what you want in it and who you want in it thank you


19. Imagine #18 (Niall)

You were in London for the holiday season because you have family out there. It was New Years Eve and you and your cousin decided to go out and party. Seeing as 18 was the legal age over here, you were perfectly fine. You guys got dressed up and headed out to the club about 10:30. Once you made your way into the club, your cousin had already found some guy and went off with him, leaving you alone. So, you headed over to bar and ordered yourself a drink. “What’s a pretty girl like you doing here all alone on New Years Eve?” You turned your head around to find the Niall Horan standing right behind you. “Well I’m not alone, my cousin is here somewhere. She already found some guy.” He smiled and made his way next to you. “What are you doing here alone?” His smiled and payed for your drink even though you didn’t want him too. “I came here with my mate Liam and his girlfriend Sophia. They come here a lot, I don’t.” You grabbed your drink and sat down. “Well how about we go dance then?” He smiled and grabbed your hand and brought you out to the dance floor. You wasted your whole night with Niall on the dance floor and you even got your midnight kiss from him. “How about we head back to mine, yeah?” You could see the lust in his eyes. You nodded, forgetting all about your cousin and the fact that you were leaving tomorrow. He brought you to his and well you did..some stuff. In the morning, you had woken up at about 7 and Niall was still fast asleep. You sighed and grabbed your clothes from the night before and headed off into the bathroom to change. Once you came out, you found some paper and pen and wrote a note to Niall. Last night was amazing. I know we are probably never going to see each other again but I wanted to leave you  my number just in case. xxx-xxx-xxxx. If you wanna know where I’ll be, I’ll be in Cleveland, Ohio. Thank you for everything Niall. You left the note right by his phone and you hurried out the door so you could go back to your hotel and get everything. You had finally landed back home and once you turned your phone on, there was nothing from Niall. You knew it was too good to be true. He was going to be anything but yours. 

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