Imagine if anyone whats one then just ask and i will be happy to do one for you just ask what you want in it and who you want in it thank you


14. Imagine #14 (Harry styles)

Your laying in your bed when your best friend Harry Styles runs in."AHHHA"  you cry as he jumps on you. He press his forehead to yours. "I'm not hurting you am I?" "Nope" you say. You smile back at him and push him off of you."Why is it so cold in here?" "no idea Haz" "cuddle with me?" he says you look at him a giggle "of couse"you say "Okay take off your clothes". You look at him shocked "what" he laughts"If both of us get naked and lay under the covers it will keep us warmer" you smack him on the chest. "Ouch" "it was only an idea" he said "ya only an idea" but you knew that's not the kind of guy he is he is a really sweet  guy just a bit 'out there' at times. You get to the T.V  and turn it on He watches you and folds his hands behind his head."cute little shorts you got there love but they would look better on the floor" You spin around with your hand on your hip and raise an eyebrow at him.

You smile brightly at him. "Right......beacuse we are so close as friends" you say and sit on the bed."Yeh..." he mumbles. Harry sits up and pulls you in between his legs. You  lean back against his chest. After awhile it beagan to rain,the rain was hitting the window  and made me sleepy. Harry's cell phone  rings a few mins later and I wake up. But he does not know that you are awake because your eyes are sill shut."Hello? oh hey lou.. Oh nothing  just watching a movie. I let Y/N fall asleep on top of me." He laught "Don't worry she's a heavy sleeper" He laught a agian "Lou oh god no you kown that I don't want are friendship to get ruin what I'm I to tell her,the truth ya sure I'll just wake her up and be like Hey Y/N gusse what I'm in love with you I could never do that" You smile even bigger then ever before because you have loved him for a long time.Your eyelashes start to flutter open as you look into his big green eyes. "you just did"you whisper to him. He looks down at you shocked. Seconds later you trun around facing him you cup  his cheeks and press  your lips to his. He gets cought up in the kiss that he drops his phone on the ground. He wraps his arms around you and kisses you back.When the phone hit  the ground it went on speacker."Hello Harry what happend? are you there" louis yells into the phone Harry breaks the kiss and looks at you. "You sneake little bird you were listening" "what can I say I'm a baaaad girl"  "taking after my naughtness I see"  "Harry" Louis yells "whos naughty Harry answer me"you laught but Harry just  keeps looking into your eyes. "so do Iget  to call you mine" "yes Hazza" ya say  blushing louis giggles and says "oh I get it"  


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