Imagine if anyone whats one then just ask and i will be happy to do one for you just ask what you want in it and who you want in it thank you


1. Imagine #1(Harry Styles)

Imagine: you and harry have been dating for 2 months and today is your birthday you had your two best friends stay over for the night with you Danielle and Eleanor. Harry always sends you a text when you are up and before you go to bed but nothing you try calling him before you go to sleep it rings once and goes to voicemail you just sit there thinking that hes cheating on you then Danielle and Eleanor come in.

Eleanor: Jade whats wrong

Jade: i think that Harry is cheating on me

Danielle: what would make you think that

Jade: right before i go to sleep he always text me and i called him and noting it rang once and went to voicemail.

Eleanor: well maybe he lefted his phone at home and just went out with the guys im sure that he will send you a text in the moring because its your birthday

Jade: thanks girls you are the best im going to get some sleep now you girls are welcome to sleep on the extra beds in here night

the girls were right i mean it has happend before i just pushed that thought out of my head and went to sleep.

in the moring i got up at 9:00 the girls made me brefect witch was so sweet of them and then i cheeked my phone still nothing i get this is the first time that for my birthday with him i just thought that there would be something you go up and get changed and the girls take you shopping but the mall is all dark and no one else is here. " are you girls sure that the mall is not closed " " yes jade theres just something wrong with the lights " so we all go in and then the lights come on and everyone pops out and yells surpise harry comes over and gives you a hug. " happy birthday jade" " thanks harry " i think he knew that something was wrong. " whats wrong jade " " its just that i thought that you were cheating on me " " what why " " because you send me a text right before i go to bed and then when im up in the moring there is always something there from you on my phone and i called and it rang once" " jade first of all im not cheating on you i could never do that and second of all i was about to pick the phone up when  it die plus i was planing all of this for you do you really think that i would miss your 17th birthday i love you " " harry you did all of this for me thank you i love you to " and then he kiss you

sorry its a little long

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