I wish it was a dream

Something I wrote the other day in my English class

Hope you like it .xx.


1. I wish it was a dream

"Its not real," I said to myself.  I know it isn't.  The nightmares always start like this: a derelict building luring you in with curiosity.  Except I don't want to know what's lurking inside there, for the building is daunting like a forest fire. Yet its calmness noplussed me.  Normally there are screams, howls and yelps emerging from within.  This isn't right.

Unwillingly my feet dragged me forward, towards the ancient mansion.  Silent as a mouse.  The full moon reveals itself from behind the downy cloud.  Stillness, solitude, screaming silently.  Slowly, I approach the mansion filled with dread.  All to soon I am at teh wide, tall front door.  Before I can reach for the old worn door handle, something happens. Creak.....the door slides open, riketty on its hinges.

A humanoid silohette stands proudly against the wall inside, with the figure of a winner.  My heart skips a beat.  As I slowly drift my eyes round to the left wall (for that is where the feet of the shadow lead to) I search for the unearthly being. Suddenly realisation dawns on me as the stretching feet lead into nothingness.

Without my command my lower body drags me forward.  The shadow moves too.  My heart sinks as I fill with dread.  The musty odour of the place envelops my brain as the silence smothers me.  Still moving foward, I breathe slowly to steady my heartbeat. In.....Out.....In.....Out...... I close my eyes and think calming thoughts (it's usually about now that bad things begin to happen).

Foot steps echo through my ears.  With my eyes, now unable to open, out of use i must rely on my other senses.  I can not tell whether the footsteps are my own or of another.  Stumbling helplessly through this derelict, delapidated, daunting building, I resist the urge to scream, knowing that will nopluss me all the more.  My mind is all but to fragmented as I attempt to open my tired, weeping eyes.

Admist my menatl battle I do not notice I have stopped until I realise my eyelids feel light.  Feeling relieved I cautiously open my eyes like a frightened puppy. 

And boy, I wish it really was a dream...

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