Live while we're young

How can a plane ride to England go so wrong?


5. Plane

We all looked at their earnest faces, so serious and excited and burst out laughing. Niall's face went really sad and cute, and I instantly stopped myself.

'We're sorry' Romany said 'You just said it with so much energy'

We all giggled. 

'Would you mind singing us a song' Katie asked.

'Sure' Louis replied, and they all opened their mouths ready to sing.


The boys all looked sad because they couldn't sing, but I reassured them that they could sing to us on the plane, or when we arrived in England.

We stood up, and walked around the airport, to get to the boarding gates. I had Niall stood next to me, and Maisie was with Zayn behind me.

When we got to the boarding gates,we let the boys go in front of us, so we could all have a chat while they handed their passports and tickets in. After me and Maisie had a play fight over who was better looking, Zayn or Niall, the boys had finished, and were waiting at the front of the tunnel for us, with huge grins on their faces. I looked at them questioningly, before handing my passport in to the women behind the desk.

'There is a slight change of seating, 5 boys have requested and paid for 4 seats next to them in first class, these tickets are for you and your friends' The women told me, smiling slightly.

'Wh-what?' Maisie mumbled behind me.

I was shocked. First class tickets cost thousands, even more because this was a flight to England.

'One second' I said to the women, and ran over to the boys.

'You can't do this!' I yelled at them.

'But we already have' Louis said, glancing at Romany.

'Thank you so much' I said, giggling, and ran back to the women to get our tickets. I skipped happily over to the boys, and gave them a big group hug.

'Thankyou' I said again. They all laughed, and ruffled my hair, treating me as if I was a kid. I smiled cutely, and turned round and saw all the girls with their mouths open as they got their tickets. They all said thank you as well, and the boys looked happy to be the centre of attention. We all went down the tunnel, and the boys led us to first class. 

The air hostess opened the door for first class, and I was overwhelmed. Chairs that were the size of beds, 3 huge tv's, and a table with chairs. There was so much room to move around, and it looked so comfy. I laughed in happiness, and jumped onto one of the chair-beds. Maisie ran and sat next to me, and Niall sat on the other side. We all settled down, and watched a movie, before the plane actually set off. The captain said whatever he said, we were all too busy watching the movie too even listen. A women came into the room dressed in a super smart uniform, and asked if we wanted anything to eat or drink. Niall told her that he had put in an order for 30 meals at Nando's when he was at the airport, and the women nodded and said that they were all on board. Niall instantly ordered one for all of us, they were all half a chicken, because that was Niall's favourite, but we didn't mind. Somehow, in the half an hour, I'd become hungry again. Probably nerves. I gobbled it down, and by the time I had done, and the movie had finished, we had been flying for an hour-ish.

Me and Niall had been really getting along. We both loved Jessie J, and we loved food. 

I heard loads of voices groaning behind me, in the normal seats. All the air hostess's ran forward out of the first class bit, and into the normal bit, and I heard people yelling 'GET THE SICK CLEANED UP'

I looked up, feeling sick myself as a faint scent of sick floated in. Liam stood up and was bright green, clutching his mouth and stomach. He made for the toilet in the first class, until Harry stopped him, and told him to go to the one in the normal bit. Liam just bolted, shutting the door behind him. We all sighed, and turned the air-con on to get rid of any of the smell.

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