Live while we're young

How can a plane ride to England go so wrong?


8. Pain

Pain is the only thing I felt when I woke up that morning. I was the only one awake, so I downed some medicine and limped down towards the ocean shore. I collapsed on the dry sand, just a few metres away from the cold water. I put my head in my hands, and started to cry. Last night, we were okay. At least I thought we were. But today, I realised that it's not okay. I'm stuck on a island, and yeah, it might be my three best friends, but I'm the mother. I could look after them in the US, but not here, not now.

I shook my head, and wiped the tears from my eyes with my t-shirt. Crying won't help. I stripped down in to my underwear, and washed myself in the sea. I gritted my teeth as the cold waves washed over my head. 

I tied my hair in a bobble that I had from yesterday, and gathered my clothes together. I walked back over to our home for the moment, and peeked inside. Everybody was still snoring blissfully. I tiptoed inside, and opened my suitcase, taking out some new underwear, and another pair of leggings along with a soft grey jumper that had 'GEEK' written across the front. I then grabbed some fluffy socks and shoved my black vans on. I zipped the suitcase back up, but I didn't do it quietly enough. 

'Hey' Niall said. I turned around and saw him propped up on his arms, staring at me. I smiled, and walked outside to get dressed. When I was done, I went back inside, to find Niall searching through suitcases, trying to find something to wear. 

'Try the blue one' I whispered, pointing. After Niall had found some sweatpants and a baggy tee to wear, I gave him some of my woolly socks, it was pretty cold. Niall chucked some converse on and we were ready to explore the island.

We looked all over the island, and we found some more coconut tree's, but this side of the island seemed the best. We started to collect them, and shook the tree to get the last one,

just as we heard a scream pierce through the cold air.

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