Live while we're young

How can a plane ride to England go so wrong?


4. Nando's

I followed the signs to get back to the food court, with Katie and Niall by my side. Apparently Niall's friends were in the queue as well. Could this day get any better? I saw Maisie and Romany, and said bye to Niall, we'd see each other on the plane, I knew we would. He grinned at me, and waved as he saw his friends down by the front of the queue. He called them over, but only one came. He had brown curly hair, and his face looked, perfect. I saw Katie pretend faint to Romany and Maisie and giggled silently. 

'Hey' He said, his British accent sounding so posh.

'Hi' Katie said as quick as she could, giving him a flirty smile. I sighed. Katie would not leave him alone from now on. Harry didn't know this though, and gave her a flirty wink back. Then I heard a gasp from behind me. Two teenage girls were stood there, looking as if they were going to burst.

'Are you okay?' I asked them, suddenly scared.


I turned round to the boys and saw their faces. They looked embarrassed.

'Oh, yeah, we are' Niall muttered.

'Can we take pictures?' The other one screamed.

'Sure' Harry replied.

Niall  and Harry leaned towards the girls, who hugged them around the waists. The girl handed me her iPhone, and I took the picture.

'Nice meeting you' Niall told them.

We were now at the front of the queue, and we started to order. I don't know where Niall's other friends were, maybe we would sit with them? I walked up to the counter and asked for a chicken breast fillet wrap in medium with chips with peri peri salt on. I saw Niall nod at me, like he approved. I grinned at him, as the fast food service at this Nando's was super quick. I only had to wait a minute before my order had arrived on the counter in front of me. I picked it up and went to find a table, with Niall following me close behind. There were lots of tables free, but as I went to sit down on one, Niall called me over to a huge table on the wall, where three other boys were sat. They must be his X-Factor buddies. I looked back over my shoulder to see Romany, Maisie and Katie following me, so I led them over to the table. It was a big circular table, so I had Maisie on one side, and Niall on the other. Perfect. Katie had somehow managed to get a seat next to Harry and was trying to inch closer to him. I caught Romany's eye, who was also looking at them. We both tried to keep a straight face.

'Guys, this is Abi, Romany, Maisie and Katie' Niall said to his friends, pointing at us in order. We said hi as Niall introduced them as well. 

'That's Liam,' He said, pointing to an angelic-looking boy. 

'That's Louis' He said next, pointing to a boy that looked like he was cheeky and fun.

'That's Zayn' He pointed to the last boy, and woah. Hello Mr. Handsome. I felt Maisie gasp beside me, and grinned to myself.

'So what did you guys do on the X-Factor?' I asked them.

'Well, we all auditioned separately, singing, but the judges thought that it would be good if we were together, in a group.'

'And what's the group called?' Maisie asked.

The boys looked at each other and grinned, before yelling out, 




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