Live while we're young

How can a plane ride to England go so wrong?


1. Morning

'Morning Abi' My mom whispered, shaking me softly.

'Hey' I groaned, stretching my arms out, and rubbing my eyes.

'The girls just rang, they are going to be here in an hour or so, you better start getting ready.'

I sighed, and kissed her on the cheek before jumping out of bed.

'I guess I'll see you downstairs in a hour then?' I muttered.

My mom quietly closed my bedroom door, leaving me alone. I waddled along to my bathroom, and took a shower. I dried it with my hairdryer, and shoved it up into a messy ponytail. I didn't bother with makeup, only some moisturizer, my skin would get really dry on the plane. I then picked up my moisturizer, and a bottle of shampoo, and went back to my room. I chucked them in my big bag that I was taking with me on the plane, I'd probably want to wash my hair again tonight if I wasn't that tired. I grabbed my clothes off my door that I'd hung up the night before, and carefully put them on, I didn't want to crease them straight away. I still had a good half an hour left, so I did a quick check of all my bags, for the 100th time that week.

You see, I'm going on a 'journey to education' as my dad calls it. I'm flying to England, and staying there for about 4-5 months to take a couple of classes at one of their universities. Everybody says that the English universities are better than American ones, so I decided that I'd go and find out for myself. I'm going with some of my best friends in the whole world, Maisie, Romany and Katie. Maisie was my bestest, and Katie's was Romany's. We all had each others backs, through thick and thin.

The doorbell rang, and I ran downstairs. I flung open the door, and found myself staring into 3 pairs of eyes. I grinned, and gave them all a huge hug. There was no-one else in the world I'd rather be doing this with.

Maisie had no common sense. I was like her mother, so through this trip, I'd be looking after her. Maisie had just longer than shoulder length hair, brown, which she either wore down and straight, or in a messy ponytail. Today it was the ponytail, like me.

Romany was smart, but not the sharpest knife in the drawer, should we say that? A bit like Maisie, she had no common sense, but hey, beautiful all the same. Romany had light brown hair, cut into a bob, and pretty eyes.

Katie could constantly make me laugh. She was so immature, but so funny. She used to have her hair really long, but she got it cut the same as Maisie's, and I think it suits her so much more. She was beautiful before, but now all the boys stare at her. Katie has the perfect little mouth, and a butt like Nicki Minaj's.

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